Professional teeth whitening Houston

Professional teeth whitening Houston is incomparable to other whitening options. There are lots of whitening products in the market which can be used to achieve a bright smile. However, the results they will give you cannot be set side by side with professional whitening. What are the benefits of going for whitening services in a dental office in Houston TX? Read on to discover.


#1. A Thorough Whitening


Whitening products purchased at drugstore come in different sizes as well as strength so that they can work for every tooth type. Since our dental needs are not the same. Whitening trays as well as strips available at drugstores may work for some people and provide partial results for others. This can lead to a situation whereby some teeth will be whiten while others remain stained. 

Professional teeth whitening Houston ensures that you get a comprehensive whitening treatment that will ensure that no stain is left over. The procedure involves the application of a whitening gel to every tooth of yours and the gel will be evenly distributed. Thereafter, a curing lamp will be used to activate the gel in order to get the best result. The result will be a bright smile that will be very enticing.


#2. Professional Strength


Products you will get at stores usually contain less amount of bleaching agent, usually about 3% of hydrogen peroxide. This percentage may only be ideal for getting rid of light stains, hence, they may not provide the desired result for people with severe stains. The best result you can get with majority of over-the-counter (OTC) products is about one to two shades of brightness.

The bleaching gel used for Professional teeth whitening Houston usually has a high strength, about 35% strength of peroxide, and that is why it produces more effective results. This level of strength has the capability of penetrating stubborn stains which OTC products cannot remove. With one session of treatment, you can be assured of better cleaning achievement with in-office cleaning of about ten shades.


#3. Speedy Treatment


With OTC products, you may need to apply the products for weeks and months before seeing remarkable results. At the end of the day, you may not see enough improvement that will satisfy you. Some products may not even give you any result which will lead to waste of money. With Professional teeth whitening Houston, within one hour, you will achieve the best result of about ten shades. You can’t get this with three months of applying products from your local drugstore.


#4. Comfortable Treatment


A lot of patients who have used OTC whitening products usually complain of sensitivity and pain after application. This is usually caused by the penetration of the gums and lips by the bleaching agents. When these agents have direct contact with your gums and lips, it can lead to several problems including sensitivity and pain.

Professional teeth whitening Houston involves the use of protective cover for your gums so that they don’t have direct contact with the bleaching agent. A fluoride wash will also be carried out so that sensitivity will be reduced if not eliminated. You will also be given take-home teeth whitening kits which will be thick and not leak out of the whitening trays. This will give you the opportunity to maintain your result at home for a lasting brighter smile.


#5. Can Be Customized


Whitening trays and strips at drugstores are produced to fit all sizes which makes them to be less effective in most cases. Since we don’t have the same size of teeth, it will be difficult to achieve the best results with over-the-counter products. Whitening with a dentist involves the production of customized trays which are produced based on the impression of your teeth. The impression of your teeth will be taken so that trays that will help you to properly maintain your result will be produced just for you.


#6. Choose Your Shade


You cannot determine the shade you want with a product from your local store and results produced are not the same. With professional bleaching, you can choose the shade of your choice which can be achieved with the help of your dentist. Your dentist may need to adjust the concentration of the bleaching agent in accordance with your expected results.


#7. Expertise of The Dentist


The knowledge of your dentist plays a major role in achieving success when boosting your smile. There will be proper examination before the commencement of the treatment in order to discover underlying dental problems and fix them. Your stained teeth may be the result of an underlying disease, hence, the causes of the discoloration will be investigated in order to work out a perfect treatment plan. If the underlying disease is not treated, there is no way a remarkable result can be achieved.


#8. Long-Lasting Results


It is not possible to compare the longevity of the result of professional cleaning with home cleaning. Since your dentist will give you customized whitening trays which you will use to maintain your result at home, you should expect a more lasting result. You may also be given a whitening pen which can be used to touch up when required.


#9. The Most Secure Option


In-office whitening is safer in contrast to home whitening. Since you will be properly examined by your dentist before treatment, it will make the whole process safer. You will also have the opportunity of better protection against the corrosive effect of bleaching agents. If your condition requires the treatment of an underlying dental disease, it will be properly treated in order to get the best outcome.


#10. Smile with Boldness


If your teeth are stained or yellowed, you will not be proud to smile in public. Professional teeth whitening Houston will help you to choose your shade and achieve the level of whitening you never thought is possible. This will boost your self confidence and make you to perform at your peak. It is possible to achieve that smile you desire, you only need to take the right step in Houston area.

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