Defects on the tooth can occur when cavities and small fractures that occur on the teeth are left untreated over a period of time. Formerly in time past, metal restorations were used to attend to these issues but the downsides posed a lot of problems. Many teeth were left discolored because of the color of the metal and also strained due to the wedging effect the metal had. However, in recent times, tooth-colored composites blends excellently into the tooth structure and makes for a perfect option in restoring tooth defects. Composite fillings can often time be placed in thinner layers than metal because of their nature, thus preserving more of the natural tooth.

Composite fillings serve a double functional and aesthetic role, and usually simultaneously. Let’s use an example of a cavity that invades the front tooth along the gum line. This cavity may be clearly seen when you smile. A gentle cleaning of the soft, discolored part would stop the decay from destroying the other healthy parts of the mineral surfaces. Also, when the shade of a composite filling that is carved out is matching the tooth, it improves the appearance of the tooth and makes it have a more appealing look than ever before.

Composite fillings are made of a mixture of liquid resin which is enclosed in a surrounding mass of glass particles that is finely ground. After the composite filling has been molded against the conditioned tooth structure, application of a type of blue light is done directly on the composite. This would lead to a firmness of the set in just some seconds. After it has been shaped and then polished, a high shine which is reflective of the beauty of the natural enamel results in a restoration that cannot be seen or noticed. The filling is usually smooth, conservative and strong.

Advantages of Composites

Composites have other benefits apart from their aesthetic benefit. Composites are long lasting and can last for at least 7 years. Composites should be well taken care of so that they can last longer. They are also safe to use as the FDA holds a position that they do not cause any health risks. There is also usually no pain felt except the filling is too high. That’s why you should visit us as our dentist is very competent, to forestall such instances. One major drawback with composites though, is that it takes a while to fix them when compared to amalgam fillings. But the general benefits far outweigh any disadvantage.

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