dental specialists of Tomball

Many dental specialists of Tomball have different functions they perform in order to give the best dental care to patients. You can call them dentists but they have unique special roles they play in ensuring that your oral health receives a boost.


General Dentist


General dentists are among dental specialists of Tomball and they provide primary dental care service in dentistry. Their major roles include diagnosing, treating and managing oral health care including root canals, gum care, crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers and precautionary education. Every general dentist possesses a degree in dentistry, either DDS (doctor of dental surgery) or DMD (doctor of dental medicine). The two degrees are the same. And have the same curriculum requirements. Institutions are at liberty to award any of the two. In order to become a general dentist, about three years of undergraduate education is required in addition to four years training in a dental school. However, in order to become a specialist, extra postgraduate training is required.


Dental Public Health Clinics


Dental public health clinics are noted for promoting dental health by means of organized community undertaking. The clinics provide educational programs to inform the public about ways of preventing and managing dental diseases in the community. In addition, the clinics provide services like looking for a dentist, formulating oral care programs for institutions, supplying information on fluoridation for the benefits of members of the community, providing answers to general dental health questions, just to mention a few.




Endodontists are among dental specialists of Tomball. And their responsibility is to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases as well as injuries associated with your dental pulp or tooth nerve. They have the capability of carrying out all root canal treatments no matter their magnitude as well as other surgical root processes.


Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist


An oral and maxillofacial radiologist is a dental specialists of Tomball specializing in taking and interpreting X-ray images as well as data used for diagnosing and managing diseases associated with the oral and maxillofacial region.


Oral Medicine


This is a branch of dentistry concerned with providing care for cases that are complex with the aid of blending oral health care with medicine. It also involves the diagnosis as well as management of dental problems. Such as oral cancer, candidiasis, lichen planus, aphthous stomatitis and so on. Dentists evaluate complex medical patients through oral medicine before they go for open-heart surgery, cancer therapy and chemotherapy.


Oral Pathologist


Oral pathologists are also among dental specialists of Tomball. They are concerned with the study of causes of dental problems affecting the oral structures such as jaws, cheeks, lips and teeth. They are specialists in examining and diagnosing biopsy, lesion or tissue transmitted to them by other practitioners in dentistry.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a specialist dentist that carries out various surgical procedures associated with the jaw, mouth and face. He/she treats accident victims suffering from injuries to the face and carries out reconstructive as well as dental implant surgery. Maxillofacial surgeons are also specialists in treating tumors as well as cysts around the jaws. They can place dental implants and can carry out oral surgeries. Such as simple tooth removal, complex tooth removal that involves the elimination of soft tissue, roots or underlying bone, removal of wisdom teeth (especially impacted ones), biopsies of soft tissue, advanced jaw realignment, soft tissue repair and so on.




An orthodontist specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating bad bites also known as malocclusions. Malocclusions are usually caused by crowded or additional teeth or jaw that are not aligned. Orthodontists are in charge of straightening your teeth through the use of braces, wires, bands as well as other corrective appliances. They have the capability of treating children and adults who desire to enhance their bite and appearance.


Pediatric Dentist


Pediatric dentists are concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of oral problems with children until they reach early adulthood. These types of dentists also have the capability of treating problems associated with decayed, crowded, crooked or missing teeth. They go through additional training in pediatric dentistry including management as well as treatment of cases relating to tooth development in children, child behaviour, children’s special dental needs and so on.




Periodontists are dental care providers specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mouth’s soft tissues and supporting structures of the teeth. They diagnose and treat cases like gum inflammation (gingivitis) and gum/bone disease (periodontitis). In addition, they carry out other dental procedures like root planing, pocket cleanings, crown lengthening, bone grafting, soft/hard tissue recontouring, implant placement, just to mention a few.




Prosthodontists are specialists in repairing natural teeth and replacing missing ones in a more advanced manner in comparison to the general dentist. They make use of artificial teeth such dentures or crowns to restore lost, extracted or missing teeth. They are also experts in using dental implants for tooth restoration. Furthermore, they have the capability of fixing issues related with neck and head deformities. They can also handle cases associated with the replacement of missing parts of your jaws and face with artificial solutions.


Which Specialist Is Ideal For You?


Your dental condition will most likely determine the type of specialist you will need. Usually, you may need to see a general dentist who may refer you to a specialist if your case requires it. As a result of this, it is very important for you to attend your dental checkups regularly. So that your dental status will be examined. And if there is any need for you to see a specialist, they will refer you to one.




The roles played by dental specialists of Tomball cannot be overemphasized. Especially with regard to providing proper dental care for patients. It is very important for you to understand these different roles. So that you will be able to get the required treatment that will fix your condition. You should also endeavor to work with competent, qualified dentists. So that the success of the procedures can be guaranteed.

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