Taking care of your mouth is very important. It is a part of the body that not only has a great influence on our overall health but also on aesthetics and self-esteem. Performing preventive treatments with some frequency will help you avoid emergencies and serious complications a posteriori. But as you probably know, dental consultations and practices are expensive. Therefore, many times we decided to postpone the medical visit until we have no other choice. Having Medicaid will stop procrastinating the visit to the dentist and start taking oral health a little more seriously. If you know how to use Medicaid, in the long run, you will save money. But you must be wondering: what are the dentist offices that take Medicaid near me? If so, keep reading to find out.

Dentist Office That Take Medicaid Near Me

Oral health is one of the most neglected when we take care of our health. This may imply that when faced with a problem, the solution is not only painful for the mouth but also for the pocket. Medicaid is intended to help you control you and your family’s dental expenses. As you know, public coverage in terms of oral health is very limited and in most cases you will have to go to private dental centers to perform dental treatment, either maintenance or with a curative purpose, being often treatments very expensive. Medicaid protects you from unexpected dental expenses and makes the controls, cleanings and other routine treatments necessary to maintain your oral health more accessible.

Specialist dentists that accept Medicaid near me

First of all, it is essential to know that you put yourself in the hands of a specialized professional, with years of experience in your field. Restoration Smile, you will find dentists who are dedicated exclusively to their specialty, so that they carry out the same treatments every day. As it is not the same to have placed 50 implants than 5,000, which adds extra value to your work.

Technological innovation

In addition, at Restoration Smile, they invest in technology to nourish themselves with the latest advances in Dentistry. All this directly affects the benefit of the patient, who not only receives personalized and individual treatment but also the waiting times in the production of prostheses, crowns, veneers, etc. It shortens substantially. This clinic has all the necessary equipment so that the patient does not move, but all dental tests are performed at the same time.

Dentist That Accept Medicaid For Braces Near Me

It is known that Medicaid covers braces as long as they are medically necessary for the patient. The malocclusions or bite problems can be inherited or be the consequence of dental disease, early loss of milk teeth or permanent teeth, an accident or medical disorders, among other causes. Therefore, it can occur in children, but also be present in adults – when they have not been treated during childhood or due to problems developed over the years, such as an accident or the loss of a piece due to an infection. At Restoration Smiles, if it is necessary, the dentists will help you with your braces issue.

Misalignment of the bite is classified as:

  • Type I: Although the jaws are correctly related, the teeth are advanced with respect to the bone from which they are born.  There may be crowding of the teeth or not.
  • Type II: the upper jaw is displaced forward, with the teeth far ahead of their bone base.
  • Type III: the jaw has surpassed the upper jaw and causes a crossbite.

Dental Benefits for Children with Medicaid Tomball

Medicaid Tomball covers various dental services for children as a part of EPSDT — Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment. Under this benefit, all children with Medicaid Tomball have access to the following dental services:

  • Early assessment and identification of problems.
  • Periodic assessment of children’s dental health at specific intervals.
  • Screening for physical, development, and dental issues with the appropriate screening tests.
  • Diagnosis of dental issues and diseases using the appropriate diagnostic tests.
  • Treatment and correction of the dental issue.

As such, children with Medicaid Tomball are eligible for a wide range of preventative, diagnostic, and treatment services. At a very minimum, dental services under Medicaid Tomball include pain and infection relief, restoration services, and overall dental health maintenance. Furthermore, dental services under Medicaid Tomball aren’t limited to emergency dentistry services. During the screening process, if the dentist identifies a condition requiring treatment, they must provide treatment for the condition, regardless of whether it’s an emergency.

The following is an overview of specific dental services covered by Medicaid Tomball:

  • Regular dental health checkups using X-rays and other diagnostic and screening tests.
  • Dental deep cleanings, which is a process in which the dentist removes all of the accumulated plaque and tartar from your teeth.
  • Dental fillings to seal cavities.
  • Prescription of drugs and medicines.
  • Emergency dental services. 

Dental Benefits for Adults with Medicaid Tomball

States have the flexibility to determine which dental benefits are provided to adults with Medicaid Tomball. You are eligible for emergency dentistry services, but you may or may not be eligible for comprehensive dental care. Please contact our dentist to discuss your specific dental coverage under Medicaid Tomball.

FAQs About Dentist Offices That Take Medicaid Near Me

Is dental covered under Medicaid?

Yes, it is. Medicaid covers dental issues too.

What dental services are covered by Medicare?

It depends on the state in which you are a permanent residence, as Medicaid is a service regulated by Estate Law. Also, it will depend if you are taking a child or if you are going yourself, as Medicaid for Children and Medicaid for adults have different benefits.

At what age does Medicaid stop paying for dental?

Medicaid does not stop with age if you are the main beneficiary, for your children, on the other hand, it will depend on the state in which you are permanent residents. In the state of Texas, children must be 18 years old or younger and depending on the case, sometimes Medicaid covers for children who are 20 years old or younger.

Does Medicaid cover broken teeth?

Yes, Medicaid covers the restoration of teeth.

Medicare Dentist Near Me

Restoration Smile accepts Medicaid. That is a fact. But do you know what also is a fact? That they are some of the best dentists in the state of Texas. They have state-of-the-art technology and affordable prices. You can Book An Appointment right here?


Dental health is one of the most neglected by society since it is believed that with good brushing it is more than enough, which is not the case and in the end, they end up undergoing painful and expensive treatments, so it is recommended to have options like Medicaid. While having Medicaid you can thus find a series of advantages to consider which should not be dispensed of. It doesn’t matter if you go yourself of taking your child to the dentist, Medicaid can be a solution to a difficult medical issue. If you are wondering, Restoration Smiles is one ‘Dentist office that takes Medicaid near me’ in the case that you are living in Texas. They have state-of-the-art technology in their clinic and the dentists there are some of the best in the country.


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