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Your kids need to be encouraged to take care of their teeth because of the peculiar nature of their teeth. Their teeth have a light coat of enamel compared to yours and this makes them more exposed to tooth decay if not properly taken care of. As a result of this, children should be encouraged to take care of their teeth so that the habit will grow with them. Brushing, flossing, proper dieting, regular dentist visit (especially to a Dentist Tomball TX if you live in that axis) are the typical things to do but here are 11 ways to really encourage them in order to get the best result.


#1 – Let Them Know What The Toothbrush Is Doing


Explaining to them what the toothbrush is doing will surely help them to understand why they are brushing. Let them know that it’s not weird to brush their teeth. Research shows that when children know why they are doing what their parents ask them to do, they will probably be more passionate about doing them. Explain to them that by brushing their teeth regularly, they are preventing diseases that may cause pain for them in the mouth. You can show them pictures of mouth diseases if you can lay your hands on any one of them.


# 2 – Let Them Choose Their Toothbrush


You should let them choose the toothbrush they will like to use. This will give them more control of the brushing process and encourage them to go on. You may also ask them to choose the type of toothpaste they want and you will be amazed at how often they would want to brush their teeth. However, it is very important to streamline the choice so that they won’t end up choosing a substandard paste (get more idea from a Dentist Tomball TX).


#3 – Brush Together


You can make it a habit to brush your teeth while your kids are brushing theirs. This will prove to them that everyone does this and it is not a chastisement. It is important to monitor them while brushing their teeth until they are 8 years of age so that you will be sure they are doing it right.


#4 – Come Up With a Reward System


Coming up with a reward system will make it easier for you to establish a habitual activity of dental hygiene among your kids. Rewards are amazing motivators and there are many rewards you can introduce like new toys, extra screen time, visit the zoo and so on. Younger children may like instant rewards like a bedtime story. You can use a point chart to accumulate points and when the points reach a certain level, you can turn it into real rewards (a Dentist Tomball TX can be of help).


#5 – Make It a Dance Party


You can turn brushing into fun by having a dance party in the bathroom. Let your kids choose their favorite song and dance to it together while you all brush your teeth. This will achieve two goals – a great bonding time for you as well as the kids and a great motivator for them to brush regularly.


#6 – Use a Timer Game


Using a timer game will add a new dimension to the task of encouraging the kids to regular brushing. Set the timer at 2 minutes and ask them to brush or help them if they are younger. The timer will boost their focus and help them to carry the habit into adulthood.


#7 – Read Stories or Watch Programs About Tooth Brushing


You can look for stories about tooth brushing and read together. In addition, you can search for videos on YouTube about children’s favorite cartoon characters brushing their teeth. When your kids see their favorite cartoon characters brushing their teeth, it will further reinforce dental hygiene as a perfect manner of conducting oneself. Let them know that if cartoon characters can brush their teeth, who else shouldn’t (a visit to a Dentist Tomball TX can be of great help).


#8 -Tell Micro-Stories


You can tell them micro-stories in the bathroom while they are brushing. You can set the timer to four minutes so that the story will end after four minutes and you can continue the next day. This will give them something to look forward to. Since they can only hear the story when they are brushing their teeth. If you are not the creative type, there are many short stories online you can use.


#9 – Set-up a Routine


Let them have a regular time for brushing every day. This will enable them to be dedicated and eventually form a habit that will stick to them until they become adults. Don’t let them stop the routine during vacation or summer so that it will become part of their everyday living.


#10 – Teach Them To Practice on Others


You can use a doll for younger children to practice brushing and your own teeth can also be used. When they brush your teeth, let them know that it comes with no pain. When they brush their doll’s teeth, let them take a turn to brush theirs. And you should ensure that there is a dedicated brush for the doll (let a Dentist Tomball TX help you).


#11 – Take time to Connect


Kids love time with their parents. Hence, you can use brushing time to speak to them about expectations of the day. This will enable them to focus on you and not necessarily on brushing and this will go a long way in making the process easier. It will also enhance family bonding and will linger in the memory of your kids.


On A Final Note

The task of instilling the right dental discipline in your children can be uncomplicated if you take the right steps. Kids need to be prepared for a long-lasting dental health lifestyle that will be with them till they reach adulthood. Prevention of oral diseases starts with the right dental hygiene and when kids are made to know this, it makes a whole lot of difference (you can visit a Dentist Tomball TX if you live in that area for additional guidance).

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