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Your dental health should be taken seriously because your mouth serves as the gateway to the overall health of your body. If your teeth are not in proper shape to eat nutritious foods, your overall health may be jeopardized. In order to get the best dentist in Houston, you need to know the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist so that you will be able to know the right one for you.

A dentist and an orthodontist have the same educational background. Both of them studied dentistry at a dental school but an orthodontist will go further to serve a residency in orthodontics at a university-affiliated center certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. This residency usually lasts for about three years and this will qualify a dentist as an orthodontist.


Does Your Condition Require a Dentist or Orthodontist?

The best dentist in Houston will give you primary dental care which include diagnosis, treatment and management of your general dental care. He will also perform routine work such as cleanings, checkups, X-rays and so on. He can extract teeth, fill cavities, prepare denture models and carry out other tasks that fall under primary dental care. However, if your case is beyond the scope of a general dentist, he would refer you to a specialist who is capable and specialized in that type of case. For example, he may refer you to an orthodontist if your teeth require a realignment.

An orthodontist is a specialist dentist that handles the realignment of teeth as well as jaws through the use of non-surgical processes. He is properly trained on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malocclusions (bad bite). Those with underbite, overbite, overcrowded teeth or gaps between their teeth will need the service of an orthodontist. The type of orthodontic treatment required for your condition will be determined by the orthodontist.


7 Things to Look for in an Orthodontist

Now that you know the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist, how can you identify the right one for you? If you can get answers to the following seven questions, you are on your way to getting the best.


#1. Do They Specialize in Orthodontics?

Some dentists who are not specialist orthodontists can carry out mild orthodontic treatments. However, advanced treatment of cases like bite correction, teeth straightening, occlusion and so on, requires a specialist orthodontist. He will get the job done more appropriately because that is his area of specialization.


#2. Do They Provide a Free Exam?

The initial examination before treatment is very vital and if it is offered for free, it is going to make the whole process easier for you. The initial examination will enable you to know the type of solution that is ideal for your condition and give you the opportunity to meet with the best dentist in Houston and his crew before your treatment will take off.


#3. Do They Have a Good Reputation?

A business with a good reputation will have satisfied clients who will be willing to recommend the business. Consequently, the best dentist in Houston must have a good reputation in the practise. You should check around for their current as well as past clients and hear what they have to say.


#4. Do They Take Adult Patients?

Some dental offices only attend to children, hence, it is important for you to confirm if adults are treated at your choice office. A number of dentists dedicate their practice to children and this is reflected in their environment.


#5. Do They Offer Different Types of Treatment?

It is very essential to avoid an orthodontist that only provides one or two options of treatment. There are many treatment options available. And some of them are traditional braces, lingual braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, just to mention a few.


#6. Do They Have an Office and Staff That Make you Feel Comfortable?

A lot of people don’t like to visit the dentist office. But if you know that you are visiting a comfortable place, you will be motivated to go ahead. The orthodontist, his staff and environment should make you feel comfortable. So that you will always be looking forward to a visit. The waiting area should be neat and attractive. The equipment should be properly arranged and sterilized. The dressing of the staff should be attractive, just to mention a few.


#7. Do They Have Multiple Payment Options and Discounts?

Not minding the attractiveness of the dentist office, if you don’t have enough for a treatment, nothing will really happen. As a result of this, you should try to locate an orthodontist that will offer flexible payment plans. That will make it easier for you get the perfect treatment. You can also take advantage of your insurance coverage and you may also be lucky to get a discounted service.


On A Final Note

The maintenance of proper oral hygiene is very vital in achieving the best oral health. Regular checkup with the best dentist in Houston will go a long way in making sure that many dental diseases are quickly detected. And properly treated before degenerating into something that will be difficult to treat. Adequate dental hygiene will prevent common diseases like tooth decay, gum disease, just to mention a few. If one of your teeth is bad, it can have a negative effect on others if not properly treated.

Consequently, early detection and treatment will be cheaper for you. Because if the problem spreads to other teeth, it will lead to more cost for you. Regular checkup is very vital and if you notice a problem in your mouth before your next appointment. You should not hesitate to immediately see your dentist. If you wait till your next appointment, the problem may have worsened and spread to other areas. If you ensure proper maintenance of your dental health, you will be able keep a lot dental issues at bay. However, in situations that are beyond your control. It is very important for you to see the best dentist in Houston, especially a specialist in that area of your concern.

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