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To provide you best services in dentistry, your dentist needs to identify and diagnose the problems well. To assist the dentist in the process of identification and diagnosis, digital images are of a great help. These digital images are captured from a patient’s mouth by using intra-oral camera. These intra-oral camera is a small wand that is highly portable and can be connected easily to a computer via a docking station, USB, or even wirelessly.

The digital dental intra-oral camera also features LED; therefore there is no need for extra lighting to capture digital images inside the mouth. This intra-oral camera has made it easier for the dentist to identify different problems such as a fractured tooth because it is not possible that you can ignore a magnified image on TV or computer screens.

What Are The Different Tools A Dentist Use?

Just as intra-oral dental cameras that dentist use, different tools are also used to carry out dental practices.  Here is a brief guide on these dental tools:

Dental syringe:

To carry out a dental procedure, in many cases, the dentist use anesthesia. A dental syringe is used to inject anesthesia into your mouth. These syringes are a bit longer as compared to a typical needle of the syringe so that the dentist can get to the correct spot while administering anesthesia.  For a moment, it may cause slight discomfort, but it is numbed quickly afterward.

Dental drill:

You may fear by the name dental drill because its sound is enough to make you afraid. However, the dental drill is the most effective way that is used to remove tooth decay before the dentist fills a cavity. The dental drill shoots water by spinning at over 250,000 rpm. The process of dental drill is very uncomfortable because of its vibrations that you feel on your teeth, however, when you have received local anesthesia; the process is not usually painful.


You may be aware of mould that dentist use. Dentist gets a mould of your teeth to make a cap, crown, or a mouth guard. Contrary to dental drill or syringe, moulds are not scary at all. For this procedure, small frames are used that have a soft substance in them. The dentist places these frames in your mouth and gets the mould of your teeth when you bite on this substance. It doesn’t taste good, but you can tolerate it for a few seconds.

Mouth mirror:

Of all dental instruments, the mouth mirror is the least scary tool. A small metal stick is attached to the mirror. This mirror makes it easy for the dentist to view places that are otherwise difficult to see.

Sickle probe:

It is also called dental Explorer and is used to find signs of gum diseases and cavities. It is also used to find out gaps between the teeth and while scraping away plaque and tartar.


A Sickle probe is used to remove small areas containing plaque and tartar and a scalar is used to remove a greater build-up.

Suction device or Saliva ejector:

The Saliva ejector is a long tube that is attached to a vacuum. This removes saliva to give the dentist a dry surface, so that your dentist may be able to explore your mouth.

What Does Dental Lab Equipment Include?

Must-haves for dental Labs are:

Basic materials:

Some basic materials that include are scalpel, wax knife, a Bunsen burner, and other materials that are all ceramic including press ceramics, living ceramics, and zirconium oxide ceramics.  Moreover, composites and also metal-supported ceramics are included in dental lab equipment.

Analog tools/ equipment:

Tools and pieces of equipment that is essential in a dental laboratory are laser welder, silicone mixer, casting machine, ceramic furnace, dental stone mixer, denture base injector, boil-out unit, and steam cleaner.

Digital tools/equipment:

Some digital tools are also used in dental Laboratories. Such tools include CAD/CAM software, laboratory scanner, a digital camera or intraoral camera, shade determination software, and manufacturing machine.

Fully automatic system:

Apart from these tools, some other tools are used that are fully automatic systems such as fully automatic digital machine, high-pressure pump, a manual grinder, or automatic cleaning function. These are all the tools that a Dental Lab must-have.


What Is The Most Important Dentistry Equipment?

The equipment is an important tool for the dentist because if they have theoretical knowledge but they don’t have any practices and tools to carry out those practices, they cannot serve you to the fullest. Some most important dentistry equipment is:

  •       Rubber mouth openers,
  •       Different size trays
  •       Turbine
  •       Diagnostic set
  •       Oils that are used to lubricate instruments
  •       Matrix holder
  •       Drill of different shapes and sizes
  •       Disc or brushes that are used for polishing and finishing
  •       Groove modeler, Ball Burnisher, Hollenback spatula
  •       Staples or clamps, dyke punctures, Young’s arches, insulation dykes
  •       Photopolimerizable resin
  •       Mechero
  •       Condensers, paper tips, gutta-perches, millimeter ruler, files.
  •       Drill unit
  •       Others

What Is The Best Marketing Tool For The Dentist Houston?

Like any other field, dental marketing is also very important because it attracts new patients and also helps to bond strongly with existing patients. Therefore, a dentist must know about the strategies that can help the dentist market the dental practice. Some strategies are:

Involving with the community is one of the effective strategies for marketing dental practices.  This gives an impression of how the community is going to view the dentist and to build a trustworthy relationship with people. Dentists can get involved with the community by attending festivals etc.

Social media platforms are the best place that can help a dentist to market dental practices. By social media, he/she can reach out to the clients and it also provides a source of communication.

Creating a well-designed website will also help to promote dental work and to provide services to many people around the globe. And using high-quality and valuable content describes the services well. Moreover, you running AdWords campaigns, using mailed offers, and postal cards are also effective means of marketing dental practices..


No matter how up-to-date tools and latest technology you use, knowledge and practice are very important. If you are living in Houston, Texas, you can get the best dental services from Restoration Smiles clinic. You can visit the website for more details and book an appointment by calling (713) 804-7212.


What a good dentist requires is knowledge, skills, experience, and most importantly dental setup and tools. The tools are important in the process of identification and diagnosis of dental issues. In many cases, a dentist requires accurate images of the patient’s mouth. This not only gives the dentist a clear view of the problem but also gives the client an idea of the issue. To capture these digital images, dental intraoral cameras are used. These are small devices but work wonders.

Moreover, there are many other tools that a dentist must-have in the dental laboratory. Some of these tools and equipment include dental drills, dental syringe, molds, mouth mirror, scaler, sickle probe, a suction device, and many others. When you go to the dentist, you don’t even know what tool the dentist is using and what its purpose is. But we trust the dentist because we have chosen the dentist by considering professional credentials and expertise.

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