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People whiten their teeth to bring their beautiful smiles back. One of the few things people notice about others is their smile. It is because of this now people of all ages are looking to whiten their teeth to achieve those pearly white teeth. There are many factors why teeth become pale or discolored. Aging is one of the top reasons. As you age your teeth naturally becomes pale or discolored. There are other factors, such as drinking too much coffee, wine or cigarette. Brushing your teeth right after drinking and eating may help prevent stains, however, it doesn’t whiten the teeth entirely. To achieve those pearly white teeth you need professional teeth whitening Houston.


Types of Teeth Whitening

Whitening toothpaste

Teeth whitening Houston can be done in several ways. One of the ways most people try first at home is whitening toothpaste. While the whitening toothpaste can actually work to whiten the teeth, however, it works so slow that you may not notice any result soon. This is because you want to try professional teeth whitening first. After you have your teeth whitening you can use the toothpaste to keep your teeth bright.


Teeth Whitening products

Many people like to buy some teeth whitening products such as whitening strips and trays. These may work but not as good as professional whitening. Since, there are limitations on the uses of the compounds in the products that are sold for the general, the products that you buy can never be as strong as what you receive from medical professionals. Also, these staffs are made for all and not specifically for you. As a result, the tray you buy may become loose, and the solution may spread the whole mouth, which may lead to gum irritation.


Teeth whitening by professionals

This is by far the most recommended choice for teeth whitening Houston. Professional teeth whitening solutions can improve the look of your teeth dramatically. One of the reasons for this is the strength of the solution that a professional dentist uses. It is custom created just for you and this gel is strong enough to brighten your teeth by eight shades or more. While using the store bought products you can merely get 2 shades or so. If you are looking to whiten your teeth fast and effectively, then professional teeth whitening Houston is the right choice for you.


Professional Teeth whitening Houston

When people visit their dentist office for teeth whitening, the usually get two types of suggestions. Some dentists offer in-office teeth whitening service while others work on treatments that patients can do at home. In most cases, an in-office teeth whitening is done simultaneously while teeth cleaning or it can be done in another visit. Typically dentists complete the procedure within just an hour.

During the procedure, the dentist applies a protection to save your lips and gums from the powerful bleaching solution. Then he applies a thin layer of gels to the teeth. Then the active bleaching agents are activated using a special dental laser. After that, the dentist will go through a fluoride treatment to further strengthen the teeth and lessen sensitivity.

This procedure results in white teeth immediately. For most people, this is the best solution since the entire procedure is done very quickly.


Whitening Trays

Professional dentist also suggest whitening trays. This procedure works effectively and patients can control how white they want their teeth to become. Sometimes whitened teeth may get pale after several months. This procedure helps patients to use it again at times whenever they need teeth whitening. At the beginning of the procedure, the dentist will check the patients teeth and take an impression. This impression is then used to create a custom whitening tray in the lab. This tray fits perfectly around the patients teeth and it prevents the solution from leaking. Many people like this option because once the tray is created, it can be used whenever needed. After that, the dentist will provide a whitening solution to be use at home and patients should wear the tray for 3-4 hours each night before sleeping for one week or more.

This procedure continues until the teeth reach the required shades of white. The tray can be taken anywhere since it is very portable. Patients can whiten teeth while of a business trip, on vacation or after relocating to a city.

This is far more effective than the uncomfortable, made for all type of trays that are found on stores. A professional custom made tray gives a patient improved protection and more comfort. By following the dentist’s instruction and properly applying the whitening gel to the custom tray patients can achieve a brighter smile in as little as two weeks.


Instant Laser Whitening

Laser dentistry is a latest technology that whitens teeth in just a few minutes. Laser whitening helps to drastically brighten the shades of the teeth. This procedure uses a water based gel for teeth whitening.

A pulsed laser is used to activate the gel. This is done while a patient relaxes in their dental chair. The dentist activates each tooth for just 20 seconds. The procedure results in huge improvements in the shades of the teeth. Laser assisted whitening is very little invasis and it uses a gum shield. This procedure is ideal for patients who has tooth sensitivity.


How Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth whitening solution contains a compound called hydrogen peroxide. When a dentist applies whitening solution to the teeth, the hydrogen peroxide breaks through the enamel. Then the oxidation process begins where the molecules become less reflective to light. As a result, they become colorless and teeth look white. This procedure is very effective for removing stains and it can be used frequently.

In some cases, the stains can be too resistant that the bleaching solution cannot eliminate it. When it happens, dentists suggest an alternative procedure. For example, dental veneers can be placed on the teeth surface to cover stains. This treatment is very effective for people who smoke. Since veneers are stainless and will not become yellow as quickly as natural teeth do. It is still advisable to have a teeth whitening first, before trying a cosmetic procedure.

Dentists also recommend getting teeth whitening done first before proceeding to other dental procedures. The materials used in cosmetic procedures or dental restorations, most of them are bleach and stain resistant. As an example, a dental crown will not bleach or stain but it will maintain its primary color over time. When a veneer, bridge, implant or crown is made in a lab, they are made in way so that they match the shade of the nearby teeth. Therefore, if the nearby teeth is pale, then the restoration will be made in a yellowish shade. And if the nearby teeth are pearly white, the restoration will reflect that as well. Thus the timing of your teeth whitening is very important. If you are looking for a dental restoration, you should go thorough teeth whitening first.


Final Words

Aging, genetics, and consumption of stain causing food (colas, coffee, tea, and smoking) are just a couple of reasons why teeth may look dark. The teeth whitening procedure itself doesn’t create any discomfort and it is very easy to do. If you are looking for a teeth whitening Houston, it is recommended to take a dental exam at your dental office first. The dentist then can examine your gum and teeth to make sure that they are in good condition for whitening. This way if any infections or cavities exit your dentist can treat it first.

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