Tomball dental care

Tomball dental care is very vital to your overall health. The maintenance of healthy teeth as well as gums is something you should be committed to. Poor dental care can cause dental cavities as well as gum disease and can also be connected to cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Dental diseases can be prevented through good oral hygiene like regular brushing and flossing, decrease in your consumption of sugar, staying away from tobacco products, taking enough fruits and vegetables and seeking professional Tomball dental care. You should not delay seeing your dentist until you start seeing symptoms. Ideally, you should visit your dentist’s office twice a year. So that a problem will be detected earlier before its painful symptoms will be manifested.

If you start seeing any of these symptoms, you should not hesitate to get in touch with your dentist for a professional Tomball dental care. If there are sores, ulcers or there are some tender areas that fail to heal after one week or two. Also, if you have lingering bad breath, swollen or bleeding gums, especially after brushing or flossing. If you are having toothache or your gums suddenly become sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks. Or if you have receding gums, broken teeth, incessant dry mouth, swelling of the cheek, just to mention a few. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is very essential for you to see your dentist.


Causes of Dental Diseases


Fungi, bacteria and viruses are usually present in your oral cavity. Some of them do not cause diseases when they are present in small quantity. When you take foods that are highly rich in sugar, they can make acid-producing bacteria multiply. The acid produced will then dissolve your enamel and lead to cavities. Bacteria that are close to your gumline blossom in a sticky grid known as plaque.

If the plaque is not eliminated through regular brushing as well as flossing. It will get to your gums and inflame them leading to a disease known as gingivitis. Inflammation can make your gums to become weak and breed pus. This form of advanced gum disease is known as periodontitis.

A lot of factors can contribute to periodontitis and gingivitis including smoking, use of drugs that decrease the quantity of saliva in your mouth, hormonal changes particularly in women, persistent consumption of sugary foods as well as drinks and so on. Majority of dental issues can be identified when you see your dentist for a professional Tomball dental care. Your dentist will check your mouth, teeth, tongue, cheek, throat, neck and jaw. X-rays of your mouth may be taken. But if you are pregnant, you will not be allowed to take X-rays.

If an abnormal lump or growth is discovered, your dentist may carry out a gum biopsy. This will enable the practitioner to determine if there is any presence of cancerous cells. If he/she suspects oral cancer, he/she may recommend imaging tests such as MRI or CT scan.


The Link Between Dental and General Health


A healthy mouth is very vital for a healthy body. If you are having any problem with your oral health, your entire body will not feel great. In fact, oral bacteria as well inflammation have been associated with certain health conditions like heart disease, premature birth, endocarditis, low birth weight and so on.

There is every possibility for bacteria to travel from your mouth to your bloodstream. And this can lead to infective endocarditis. Which is a life-threatening contamination of the valves of your heart. You may be asked to take antibiotics to prevent the spread of the bacteria. Before they are eliminated from your mouth.


Treating Dental Problems


Not minding the fact that you take good care of your teeth. It is very important for you to see your dentist for a professional Tomball dental care at least two times a year. This will encourage comprehensive examination. And if there is any sign of infections, gum disease or any other problem. Other relevant treatments will be recommended by your dentist.




Professional cleanings have the capacity of eliminating plaque that have refused to go through brushing and flossing. Tartar can also be removed through professional cleaning. And after the removal, a powerful toothbrush will be used to brush your teeth before rinsing. So that the debris will come off. Advanced cleaning processes known as scaling and root planing will ensure that tartar above and below your gumline is eliminated.


Fluoride Treatments


After a professional dental cleaning, a fluoride treatment may be applied in order to prevent cavities. Fluoride occurs naturally and it is very effective for strengthening the enamel. So that it can be tough against acid and bacteria that may want to damage your teeth.




Antibiotics may be prescribed for you if you are displaying signs of a gum infection or tooth abscess that is spreading to other parts of your mouth. The antibiotics will eliminate the infection. And can be in form of capsule, oral tablet, gel or mouth rinse. You may also be given topical antibiotic gel which will be applied to your teeth as well as gums during surgery.


Fillings, Crowns and Sealants


Fillings are used to fix cracks, holes or cavities in the teeth. A drill will be used to detach the impaired area before filling it up with composite or amalgam. Crowns are used for restoration of teeth if they have been badly damaged or removed. They take the place of your natural teeth and come in two types – regular crown and implant crown.

Dental sealants are usually placed on molars in order to prevent cavities. They may be recommended for your kids when their first molars start appearing at age 6. And when the second set starts showing up at 12. Their application is very easy and the process does not cause any pain.


Final Word


Your dental health affects not only your teeth but your entire body. Poor dental health can have a negative effect on your self esteem. Consequently, you should endeavor to see your dentist for a professional Tomball dental care.

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