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Dental Assistant Externship at Restoration Smiles

As the Dentist Tomball Texas, Restoration Smiles recognizes the important role that a dental assistant plays as part of the dental team. As a dental assistant, you are heavily relied upon by the dentist, hygienist and dental staff, while being responsible for assisting patients. Our dental assistant externship offers hands on experience where we teach you a wide range of job skills that pave the way for your career.

Develop Your Skills With Dental Assistant Experience

From patient care, scheduling appointments, recordkeeping to taking x-rays, you will learn to assuage patients’ anxieties while assisting Dr. Mai and the dental team with dental treatments and examinations. Your time with us also helps prepare you for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Examination to receive the National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) Certification.

If you’re interested in developing and contributing your skills as a dental assistant at Restoration Smiles, consider the following experience builders:

  • Performing laboratory and clerical duties
  • Preparing patients for dental examination and treatment
  • Educating patients on good and proper dental health care
  • Providing postoperative instructions to patients
  • Preparing tray setups for dental treatments
  • Sterilizing and disinfecting instruments and equipment
  • Preparing materials for making impressions and dental restorations
  • Taking X-ray examinations and more.

Ultimately, you will develop clinical efficiency while working with talented and professional individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. You will also increase your knowledge and expertise in all of the different facets of the dental world.

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Find Dental Career Opportunities

If you’re a day student seeking this quality experience package to complete clinical hours, Restoration Smiles’ dental assistant extern prepares you for potential careers as a

  • Surgical Dental Assistant
  • Oral Surgery Assistant
  • Orthodontic Assistant
  • Dental Assistant

We have worked with ADA-accredited schools like the PIMA Institute in the past and have successfully hired full-time dental assistants from the externship program to join our team. After your dental assistant extern with us, you may even choose to advance in other related careers, such as pursuing positions as a dentist, dental hygienist, dental laboratory technologist, dental field related educator, dental sales representative, research associate, or office manager.

Join Our Externship Program With Dentist Tomball TX

Since the dental career outlook nationwide remains positive, take advantage of an externship at Restoration Smiles today. This is an excellent career opportunity for “non-traditional” dental assisting students that prepares them for a career in wide-ranging environments from dental supply houses, insurance companies, to state and federal agencies, hospital outpatient clinics, and private dental offices.

Are you ready to pursue a career as a dental assistant? If dental assisting seems like the right career for you, our externship consists of 6 to 8 week dental assistant training that sets you on a fast-track towards achieving your career. Call us at (713) 623-1122 or contact us to learn more about our program. We are always looking to support your passion in the dental field.

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