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The moment you step into Restoration Smiles in Tomball, TX, it would be obvious to you that you have found the right place for your family’s dental care.

We are dedicated to providing the best health care for our patients. We offer the best family dentistry Tomball for people looking for family dental near me. Our dutiful team members derive pleasure in helping children develop into healthy adults. We have you covered still even when you are an adult as well. Dr. Mai has the knowledge that early dental exposures can influence the value that kids would eventually place on their oral health when they become adults. And also, that their choice to go for or reject future dental care depends on the treatment they receive now. You can be assured, that the bar sits high on our end.

The services we offer at Restoration Smiles make certain of the fact that patients of all ages feel welcome. From the first check-ups down to the management of orthodontic decisions, Dr. Mai will attentively listen to all your concerns and provide guidance for you through every stage of treatment.

Family Dentist Tomball


Come in for a consultation and find out all about the best cosmetic dentist in Tomball, TX. Let Dr. Jennifer Mai help you own your smile.


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