The moment you step into Restoration Smiles in Tomball, TX, it would be obvious to you that you have found the right place for your family’s dental care.

We are dedicated to providing the best health care for our patients. We offer the best family dentistry Tomball for people looking for family dental near me. Our dutiful team members derive pleasure in helping children develop into healthy adults. We have you covered still even when you are an adult as well. Dr. Mai has the knowledge that early dental exposures can influence the value that kids would eventually place on their oral health when they become adults. And also, that their choice to go for or reject future dental care depends on the treatment they receive now. You can be assured, that the bar sits high on our end.

The services we offer at Restoration Smiles make certain of the fact that patients of all ages feel welcome. From the first check-ups down to the management of orthodontic decisions, Dr. Mai will attentively listen to all your concerns and provide guidance for you through every stage of treatment.

Family Dentist Tomball

Children’s Dentistry

We strive to assist our youngest patients to grow into healthy young adults as it is very important to us. Constant growth and development are evident in children and that poses special challenges for an optimal result to be attained. Also, tooth decay that happens in childhood can bring about a lifetime of problems that can be avoided in most cases with an early preventive plan.

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Teen’s Dentistry

Parents have knowledge that the teen years can present unique challenges. We know that too. Quick changes can influence the dental health of adolescents when they are growing into adulthood. The activity of cavities can have a sudden spurt of acceleration as they gain more independence in the choice of food and drinks they consume. As that is happening, it is likely that the activities of oral hygiene may become inconsistent. Partnering with our team can build a foundation of benefits that can last a lifetime for your teen.

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Adult’s Dentistry

Even with the best personal oral hygiene routine, dental issues can still follow otherwise healthy people throughout their lifetime. When you have an understanding of the factors that cause dental disease, the frustration that develops as teeth slowly deteriorate can be discarded. Creation of a custom-made preventive routine can make you get excited and look forward to the good news you are sure to receive during your dental visits.

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Ortho Screenings

Braces are beneficial at many different stages of life. When teeth problems are identified at an early age, it often allows for an ideal timing for orthodontic treatment to be carried out, which results in an excellent outcome. When your child’s growth and development are monitored at the regular preventive visits arranged for them, adequate care can be taken. This is just a part of our commitment to your family’s overall dental health.

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Molars have deep crevices that run across their chewing surface. A toothbrush can glide swiftly across these surfaces, but their narrow grooves can trap bacteria beyond the reach of the bristles. Cavities can develop in such cases and end up causing tooth infection without warning and damaging valuable tooth structure. Why not try to protect the grooves of the teeth with a bonded sealer. It’s certainly worth a try.

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Visit us today for your family dental care Houston TX, as Dr. Mai. is available to serve as your family dentist Houston or Tomball.