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A kids dentist Houston have unique expertise and additional training in treating children with special needs. The United States Department of Health and Human Services states that 1 out of 5 households in the United States have at least a child with a special need in healthcare. Kids’ dentists, also known as pediatric dentists, receive additional training in children dentistry after the usual general dentistry and this puts them in the best position to handle the special needs of child’s dental health.


Find a Dental Home Early


According to American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), you should take your child to a kids dentist Houston when he/she celebrates his/her first birthday or when the first tooth starts appearing so that a dental home will be established for him/her to handle his/her dental care. You may have concerns about your child’s tolerance to dental appointments but postponing the appointments will not solve the problem. Every child is exceptional and requires special care in order to be comfortable, hence, it is very vital to get an ideal pediatric dentist for him/her.


Tooth Decay Is Almost 100% Preventable


Contrary to a lot of health conditions faced by people with special needs, tooth decay can be prevented. Kids with developmental issues may likely have problems with biting as well as jaw positioning. In addition, kids who experience retardation in growth as well as development may have challenges in growing their milk and adult teeth. A kids dentist Houston will have the ability of identifying any problem as early as possible so that effective solutions will be proffered.


Practice Makes Perfect


Many a time, kids having special needs will require additional help as well as practice in caring for their teeth. For instance, kids with autism may have issues with tooth brushing due to sensory problems and this can have an adverse effect on their dental health. Parents or caregivers can help by beginning the process through touching the child’s lips with the toothbrush in order to stimulate a sensation.


The First Visit


Getting the right dental care for a child with special needs can be very challenging but early exposure to a kids dentist Houston will go a long way in preventing many issues. It will also enable the doctor to treat issues relating to the condition. Before your first visit, you should provide every information about your child to the dentist. You can also schedule a pre-visit and this is the best time to ask questions that may be bothering your mind. You can jot down things about your child which will be helpful during your visit. Also you should also use your first visit to check if you are comfortable with the dental practitioner. You should stay positive so that your kid will be inspired for the visit.


Make Dental Health a Priority at Home From Day One


As a parent to a special kid, you should not neglect oral health just because you have multiple health needs to deal with in the child. Catching them young will make them to be familiar with the procedures and form a habit with the procedures. You can assist your kid to be familiar with good dental hygiene by simply swabbing his/her gum with a damp washcloth. If you can be consistent in the promotion of your kid’s oral health. It will go  long way in ensuring that healthy teeth and gums are achieved for a long time to come.


Specialized Experience


The kids dentist Houston with the most experience may not be the right one for your child. But one with specialized experience in the condition you are presenting. Advocacy organizations near you may be very helpful in guiding you. And you can talk to them about your concerns so that you will be able to get the best result.




It is very essential for children to be properly seated for dental processes. But children with special needs many not be find this comfortable. There are many policies that dentists have formulated to help in restraining kids who cannot contain their movements. Some of these policies include administering sedation, making use of a papoose board, holding your child on your lap and so on. You should speak with your dental practitioner to know the restraining option that will be used.




If you are just going to take your kid to the dentist office for a few visits in a year. You may not be worried about location. However, if there is every possibility that there will be multiple dental appointments within one year. You need to consider location seriously. You wouldn’t want to drive for a long time to the clinic while your child is in discomfort. As a result of this, it is advisable to look for a dentist close to you. And if you will be referred to another specialist, it will usually be in the same catchment area.


Dental Insurance


There are two sides to a dental insurance – it can significantly reduce the cost of the dental care for your family. And reduce your choice of dentists which can lead you to choosing a practitioner that does not match your needs. If you will be choosing a dentist that is not on the list of your insurer. You should find out the full commitment of choosing the option. You may need to speak with your insurer to know if the tab for work connected to the disability of your child can be picked up.




The dentist that will be handling your kid’s mouth must be someone that you and your child are comfortable with. The personality of the doctor and staff must be impeccable while the environment must be alluring. Kids love interesting places. Hence, the dental office must be interesting to kids so that every visit will not be a nightmare. As your child changes, you may need to review your relationship to know whether to go on or not. Your child is entitled to the best possible dental care and if you can go the extra mile. You will definitely get what you are looking for.

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