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Determining your need to see a root canal doctor near me for treatment is not a piece of cake. There are many signs as well as symptoms that you may notice and there are less obvious ones that only your dentist can discover. Let us delve into the topic properly so that you will have a clearer picture of what to look out for.


Signs and Symptoms You May Notice


There are many signs and symptoms that you may notice which may indicate that you need to see a root canal doctor near me for treatment. However, some of them are discussed below.


Tooth Pain


If you are feeling sharp and intense discomfort on your teeth, it may be an indication that you should see a root canal doctor near me. You may perceive the pain as having its own heartbeat and the pain may lessen or intensify as your posture changes. It may be so severe that it will be waking you up when you sleep. At times, you may be able to identify the tooth that hurts and some other time you may find it difficult to do so. Other conditions that may trigger pain include tooth fracture, tooth decay, sinus infection, gum disease, tooth clenching, etc., hence, it is very important for you to see your dentist for a comprehensive diagnosis.


Gum Tenderness and Swelling


Gum tenderness and swelling which may be signs of infection may indicate that you need to consult a root canal doctor near me. The swelling can be mild or absolutely pronounced in such a way that you will feel the lump. In severe conditions, the swelling can spread to your neck and face. The swelling may come and go while it may be accompanied with pain. You may experience bad taste in the mouth or foul breath odour if the pus is let out. There is every possibility that your tooth will feel like it is slightly elevated and in extreme cases, you may experience difficulty in breathing.


Other Signs


Other signs you may notice that may require you to visit a root canal doctor near me include general feeling of illness, swollen lymph nodes, fever, just to mention a few. It is very essential for you to see your dentist if you notice any of these symptoms as they may indicate that you need a root canal treatment.


Frequency of Symptoms


It is very important to state that the symptoms and signs that have been discussed above may occur at varying time frame. You may experience some momentarily while some may be persistent. Whatever the case may be, your dentist is in the best position to determine your status and recommend the right treatment.


Signs and Symptoms That Only Your Dentist You Can Discover


There are some symptoms that will determine your need for a root canal treatment which can only be discovered by your dentist. Many of these symptoms are discovered through a comprehensive diagnosis since they may not be obvious.




This condition can only be discovered by X-ray. And it is characterized by dark spot at the center of the tip of the root of a failed tooth. It is an indication that there have been changes in the jaw bone area. Which is probably due to an infection of the tooth’s root. Other signs may also be discovered through X-ray indicating a problem with the nerves of the tooth. Consequently, frequent dental checkup is very vital so that early detection can lead to early treatment.


Persistent Gum Boils


When there is an infection in your tooth, it may lead to the development of a pimple-like wound on your gum tissue. These wounds are generally referred to as gum boils. And they are usually formed at the place where the problematic root is located. At times, the gum boil may be unnoticed. And if the infection is of low-grade, the boil may be small with slightest taste emanating from it.


Individually Darkened Teeth


A discolored tooth is an indication that there is a problem with the tooth’s nerve. This is common among teeth that have been traumatized due to accidents and the likes. It may manifest after many years that the event occurred. Proper diagnosis by your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for a root canal treatment.


Tests That Your Dentist May Perform


In order to confirm your suitability for a root canal procedure, there are some tests that your dentist will need to carry out. Some of these tests are treated below.


Percussion Testing


Percussion testing involves the tapping of your tooth with a dental instrument. It is one of the first tests that will be carried and it is very simple. If your tooth requires a root canal therapy, it would respond with pain or tenderness. However, this alone cannot be used as a sole determinant which leads us to other tests.


X-ray Assessment


The X-ray of the suspected tooth will be taken. And usually, a minimum of two shots will be taken at different angles. They will be taken at different angles so that proper analysis will be enhanced. Even if the X-ray analysis does not reveal any need to go for a root canal treatment. It may provide a direction to the right treatment that your condition needs.


Thermal Testing


This involves the subjection of the tooth to hot and cold zenith in order to ascertain its status. If there are problems with your tooth, it would respond with pain to hot or cold stimulation. The test also includes the measurement of time taken for the reaction to be felt.


Electric Pulp Testing


Electric pulp testing involves the passing of variable electric current to your tooth. If your nerve is healthy, it would respond to the test with a tickling sensation. And if it is dead, it would have no response. The test usually begins with a low current setting and it may later be increased based on your response. This will go a long way in determining your suitability for visiting a root canal doctor near me.

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