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Oral hygiene is of the utmost importance to almost everybody. We all care about our breath and about the general health of our mouths and so, we clean our mouths regularly by brushing our teeth. Some do so after each meal, others twice a day, and yet still others once a day. A lot of us even floss too along with brushing of our teeth regularly. It is noteworthy that these methods of oral hygiene are very important to contribute to the general health of the mouth but then, brushing and flossing is limited to taking care of the bacteria found on the teeth. The big deal here is that there are actually a lot of bacteria on the tongue as well, and it’s even more than the bacteria that can be found on the teeth. Many people overlook the importance of tongue cleaning.

This is so because harmful bacteria can grow easily on the rough surface of the tongue since the conditions are quite favorable for bacteria growth. If we brush just our teeth while neglecting the tongue, we might successfully take out bacteria on the teeth but then, we still are invariably just setting up the bacteria to be transferred from the tongue back to the teeth and all it takes for this to happen is just a few hours. This is very possible as the tongue contains the highest number of bacteria in the mouth.

This article focuses on tongue cleaning and in it, we are going to be giving you tips on how to clean your tongue properly while also discussing in details the benefits of cleaning your tongue and also what can happen if you falter in the cleaning of your tongue.



Tongue cleaning has quite a number of benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below;

  • Tongue cleaning is sure to aid in the removal of harmful plaque and bacteria that may otherwise lead to oral problems such as gum disease and also other sicknesses that may spread all over the body due to bacteria overgrowth. In essence, it could lead to improved general health.
  • A build-up of plaque on the tongue can mess with our taste buds and so, when we do come around to giving the tongue a proper cleaning, out taste buds would be better for it and food would definitely begin to taste better when we eat. You would enjoy your meals more.
  • All those germs that accumulate on the tongue that can cause bad breath. Germs, such as odor-causing germs can be taken out in the process of tongue cleaning.



We have seen some of the benefits of tongue cleaning as stated above. Now, do you know that you are at a risk of running into certain complications if you fail to clean your teeth properly? Let’s take a look at what you stand to lose if you fail to pay attention to proper oral hygiene.

Oral Thrush

You are at a risk of coming down with ORAL THRUSH. Oral Thrush is a situation that can occur when you neglect cleaning of the tongue. When there is a build up of microbes on the tongue due to a lack of cleaning. Some naturally occurring yeasts might grow at an abnormal rate and spiral out of control. This can lead to white patches on the tongue region. It can be cured by taking antifungal. But regular cleaning of the tongue afterward is important to keep the results permanent.


Bacteria buildup on your tongue can spread to your teeth. Causing a situation known as gingivitis where the gums become red and inflamed. When this situation is not treated, the inflammation could escalate and advance to what is known as periodontal disease. In periodontal disease, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth and the resultant space therein gets infected. The teeth may now begin to fall out and the bigger issue is that when periodontal disease cause an inflammation and that inflammation becomes chronic, it can increase the risk of having a heart attack, stroke and even miscarriage.

Papillae Infection

Another issue that can come up when you fail to clean your tongue is that your tongue color can begin to change. Yes, it happens. Papillae on the tongue can get stained when there is a build up of drinks or food particles such as from coffee. When they are not brushed off or scraped out they may affect the tongue appearance making it look somewhat dark and furry. It can be quite scary. But then, it is relatively harmless and when the tongue is cleaned the situation goes away.



One simple way is to brush your tongue. You can also acquire a tool to clean your tongue or use a teaspoon as it easy to get. When using a toothbrush, it’s best to brush away from the mouth. So that you do not end up rubbing back the dirt into your tongue. It’s imperative to use a soft toothbrush to do this as brushes with hard bristles can harm the tongue. A tongue cleaning tool is, however, better recommended.

When scraping the tongue, do so in a gentle but firm manner from the tongue root. And then on towards the tip severally. Please be sure that you wash off residue on the tool immediately after to take out any bacteria or smell. Take note that a majority of the food and bacteria debris can be found at the back of the tongue. So, you might want to focus a bit more attention when scraping the tongue from there. As a reminder please do not scrape too hard it can cause injuries which might take some time to heal.

When you are done with scraping your mouth, rinse off with a mouthwash. This would take out any leftover residue. It’s advisable though to use mild mouthwash as a strong one might cause burns and make you uncomfortable later on.

One last piece of advice please make it a matter of necessity to clean your tongue at the very least once in a day.

We hope these tips on tongue cleaning have been helpful and would lead you to maintain a proper oral hygiene. You can click on this link below for more information

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