If you are desirous of the best camouflage, then you should know that the aligner system or tray provides a modern teeth straightening method. As it is designed with 3D digital models of your teeth and sophisticated software, the clear plastic trays come in a series that gives you wonderful straightening results. The aligners are made with medical-grade plastic and are devoid of metal, springs, wires, or rubber bands and will move your teeth gently to the right position. The pressure exerted on the teeth specifically is gradual reducing any discomfort that might be experienced and speeding up the treatment in a number of cases. Your provider will give you several sets of clear aligners at once so that you can switch to a new one within an interval of two weeks consecutively.

The trays are quite removable and so, when you wish to enjoy your favorite meal and drinks or when you want to clean your teeth, all you need do is just to take them out and then replace when you are done. Since there are no wires or brackets to cause obstructions, you can as well enjoy fruits such as apples as many patients can attest. The level of comfort that clear aligners offer especially to the teeth and the tongue is unmatched by other teeth straightening methods. This is because of the smooth plastic surface of the aligners.

Since it is removable, there might be a chance of forgetting to replace it after taking it out. However, for the system to work proficiently, it should be worn constantly for at least 22 hours a day. This will ensure that the treatment is going according to plan and is successful. Adults are the prime candidates for using clear aligners but a responsible teenager can also use it. For those that have used it, the positive effects have been felt across all adult age groups.

Some of the Functions of a Clear Aligner System Include:

• Straightening of your teeth in a stealth mode
• Allowing you to consume your favorite foods during the treatment period
• It makes for easier cleaning and brushing of the teeth
• Correction of noticeable lose gaps in the teeth
• Correction of overlap/crowding issue
• Practically everyone is able to use clear aligners

Treatable Cases with the Use of Invisalign

Using Invisalign to straighten the teeth can have wonderful results notwithstanding if your case is mild or complex. Some of these cases are listed below.

• Overbite – Protrusion of the upper teeth.
• Gap Teeth – Caused by an abnormal growth of the jaw bone or missing tooth.
• Open Bite – This is when it’s not possible for some parts of the teeth to make physical contact with the opposite parts.
• Underbite – Protrusion of the lower teeth over the upper teeth.
• Crossbite – This is a misalignment of both the upper and lower teeth. It usually leads to bone loss which can cause gum disease in the long run.
• Overly Crowded Teeth – When the jawbone does not have enough space to accommodate the teeth, overcrowding occurs as the teeth will not fit in normally.

The Treatment Process Using Aligner Treatment

Finding the right doctor to help you with your treatment will go a long way in straightening your teeth. It is even advisable to meet with a few doctors who have received training on the use of this device and then to settle for the one that you feel comfortable with and you think will handle your case best.

During your first consultation, your doctor will confirm if you are a good candidate for the use of Invisalign. Align Technology products such as the iTero Intraoral Scanner will then be used to produce clear 3d digital images of your teeth by your doctor. Your doctor will then be able to create a treatment plan that is exact and that accurately depicts your teeth movement and which also depicts your treatment duration. Your expected teeth movement and new smile will be available for you to get a preview of.

After this, your custom made aligners will be produced and when you wear them, they will hardly be noticeable because they are clear. You will begin to experience a gradual shift in your teeth to their desired position when you start using the aligners. You will be required to change your aligners every two weeks and also go to your dentist for regular checkups. You will be able to see the progress you have made on your teeth straightening at all the different stages for yourself. When you are done with treatment, you may then ask for a retainer to maintain your result.

Cost of Treatment

A number of factors must be considered when trying to put forward the cost of treatment. Two major factors include the stipulated period of treatment and also the number of aligners that will be needed during the treatment procedure which is also important. The traditional metal braces cost between the range of $2500 – $6000. Another thing that makes the price to vary is the individual needs of each patient. A dental insurance plan might, however, provide some respite and help shoulder some of the costs since most insurance plans cover modern teeth straightening methods such as Invisalign as well as braces. Checking with your insurance company to know the extent of your plan coverage is advisable.

Trying to straighten the teeth with the use of aligners will most likely be a success as over 90% of treated cases have turned out to be. However, it may not be possible to use it in the correction of certain cases as some tooth movements may not be possible. For some, they just prefer to use fixed braces because of their security. You are spoilt for choice as there are many options available for you today in the field of dentistry. Therefore, you can always get care that is custom made to fit your exact needs.

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