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Your teeth can get discolored or stained for so many reasons. However, in order to make them glistening and whiter, there are many safe options for you to choose from. You can see a teeth whitening dentist Houston or make use of home whitening products. The cause of your discoloration will go a long way in determining your treatment approach. Here are some causes of discoloration.


Extrinsic Discoloration


This is caused by the foods, beverages, like coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking. Extrinsic discoloration affects the exterior part of your teeth. This type of discoloration can be fixed with the use of whitening toothpaste and you go for in-office cleaning with a teeth whitening dentist Houston in order to get fast, efficient results.


Intrinsic Discoloration


This type of discoloration is from the inner part of your teeth. It can be caused by various factors including medication use, aging, tooth trauma, infection, childhood illness and so on. You need to see a teeth whitening dentist Houston in order to treat intrinsic discoloration. It is not something you can handle on your own.


Teeth Whitening Options


Your teeth can be whitened through many techniques and products. There are three major methods available and it is your duty to choose the one that is most appropriate for you. You can see a teeth whitening dentist Houston, use home whitening products under the supervision of your dentist or use products that are not recommended by your dentist. The option to go for is largely dependent on your type of discoloration, dental history, treatment cost, just to mention a few.

It is advisable to talk over whitening methods with your teeth whitening dentist Houston before choosing one. An ideal treatment plan may be worked out for you which will meet your particular needs. It is very important for you to note that the time that the whitening process will take is dependent on the type of discoloration and the best method recommended for you.


Professional Teeth Whitening


There are many methods that your dentist can use to get your teeth bleached, either in the dental office or through products that will be given to use at home or both. In most cases, they will use products containing carbamide peroxide which will eventually break down to hydrogen peroxide as well as urea. These chemicals target your tooth’s color and get rid of the stains. The procedure is usually safe, especially when carried out by a competent dental professional.


In-office Treatment


In-office whitening is very helpful since it works very fast and lasts longer. The concentration of products used for this type of treatment is higher compared to products you can use at home. Consequently, you may spend more time on the treatment as well as many visits to the office of your dentist in order to actualize the best result. If you have receding gums, this treatment option may be the best one to go for.


At-home Treatment Through Your Dentist


You can consider whitening your teeth at home in conjunction with your dentist. Custom-fit trays will be created for you by your dental practitioner and you will be asked to place them in your mouth. A bleaching gel will be given to you which will be applied to the trays. You will be asked to put on the trays for about one hour every day for a specified number of weeks as recommended by your dentist. If you follow the instructions conscientiously, you will start seeing improvements.


Teeth Whitening Products and Other At-home Options


Over-the-counter (OTC) teeth bleaching products can be purchased to help in fixing discolored teeth. However, the concentration of active bleaching agents in usually low and this may not be effective for severe cases.  In addition, safety with their use is also an issue, especially if you don’t follow the instructions on the product properly. Some of these products carry the Seal of Acceptance of the American Dental Association (ADA) and some do not carry it. Whether the product you want to purchase carries this seal or not, what is most important is the Food and Drug Administration’s approval.


Whitening Toothpastes


Whitening toothpastes can also be used for whitening even though their efficacy may be questioned. They don’t contain carbamide peroxide but abrasives and blue covarine. Those containing blue covarine are very effective and can give you good results after brushing with it.


Whitening Strips


You can buy whitening strips over the counter. And a lot of people use them for bleaching their teeth. They contain hydrogen peroxide. But at a very low concentration. They can be applied to your teeth once or twice daily for a number of days indicated on the pack.


Side Effects and Other Considerations


Teeth whitening is a very safe procedure. However, there are always two sides to a coin. It is possible to be exposed to some risks. Especially if you don’t consult a competent dentist. Here are some common ones.


Teeth Sensitivity


After your whitening procedure, you may experience tooth sensitivity. This may be witnessed on the first or second stage of your treatment. And it may subside as time rolls by. In addition, your dentist may give you products containing sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate in order to treat the sensitivity.


Irritated Gums


Your gums may be irritated and this is referred to as gingival irritation. This can be caused when the whitening product has a direct contact with your gums. It is very possible that this side effect will disappear when your treatment is over. If you have dental cavities that are active or there are some dental works going on in your mouth. You may not be eligible for teeth whitening.


Final Word


Teeth bleaching can be a safe procedure for you if you consult a competent teeth whitening dentist Houston. You will be properly examined and your eligibility for the procedure will be ascertained. Also you will have the opportunity of undergoing the treatment is a safe environment. So that the most desirable result will be realized.

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