Every Kids Dentist Houston knows very well that a family’s oral health is important. If you want to maintain your family or child dental health at its best level, you will need the best kids dentist near me with long dental experience. That is the best way to ensure that every member of your family, no matter their age can receive appropriate oral health care.

We at Restoration Smiles, make it easy for the families in Houston to benefit from our fantastic kid friendly dentist near me. Our professional and experienced dentists love taking care of patients of every age including children.

As one the best dentist near me for kids, we ensure that we can provide a wide range of children dentistry services. As a result, every member of your family can visit the same dental practice for their child’s dental and oral health care. You may not know it, but the pediatricians and Kids Dentist Houston recommends that kids should visit the kid-friendly dentist office near me for checkups on their first birthday. At least during this period, their first teeth must have come out.

How Important is Dental Care for Children?

You should never forget that the maintenance of your child’s gums and teeth is important to his/her overall health and well-being. If you compare children that maintained poor oral health to those that maintained excellent oral health, you will find out that they are quite different.

The kids that learned proper oral hygiene carry it on to their adulthood, and as a result, they only experience little or no dental issues for their lifetime. Moreover, they present a confident image as well as high flyers in school. As for the parents, you have important roles to play in helping your children maintain appropriate oral health. Through children’s dental care, you can;

  •   Avoid most of the dental diseases
  •   Train your kids on how important oral hygiene is
  •   Establish a healthy relationship with the good kid dentist near me

How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Visit To The Dentist?

Almost every parent wonders how their child’s first visit will turn out. Even, some parents often worry about when they can schedule their child’s first dental appointment at the nearest Kids Dentist Houston. You don’t need to worry too much about such things. According to the dentists, you can schedule a dentist appointment after six months after your kid’s first tooth appears.

That said, preparing your kid for his/her first appointment with the kid’s dentist near me can be quite stressful. The reason is that your kid is likely to be afraid and to feel nervous. As a result, your highest priority will be to keep your child at ease and comfortable. Before your child’s initial dental experience, you should prepare him/her as follows;

  •   Book a tour of the dentist office
  •   Show your kid dental themed TV shows and books
  •   Maintain a positive outlook
  •   Bring some goodies along with you for comfort
  •   Add a simple reward for your kid like; ice cream, coloring books, or playground adventure

When Should be The First Dental Visit of a Child?

According to dental experts, it is advisable to take your child for the first dentist appointment at their first birthday or six months after their first tooth appears.  Your child’s initial dental experience at the dentist’s office for children is usually short.

This first visit allows your child to meet the kid’s Dentist, Houston, in a friendly and non-threatening way. The best kid-friendly dentist near me is likely to ask you as the parent to hold your child for examination while sitting on the dental chair. You may also be asked to wait at the reception during a certain part of your visit to enable the dentist to build a relationship with your child. After that, the dentist can discuss with you on important topics such as;

  •   Fluoride needs
  •   Practicing excellent oral hygiene
  •   Cavity prevention
  •   Teething
  •   Oral habits
  •   Proper nutrition
  •   Dental schedule for next visits

Where are the Common Issues of Dental Health In Children?

Many different problems can affect children’s oral health. For instance;

  •   Tooth Decay

This particular malady is the commonest chronic condition of childhood everywhere in the world. Experts say that almost 20% of kids around 5-11 years have at least an untreated decaying or decayed tooth. Also, almost 13% of adults are suffering from the same issue.

  •   Tooth Sensitivity

Experiencing a sensitive tooth can be quite distracting and uncomfortable. In children, a sensitive tooth may come as a result of various factors. Therefore, you need to take them to the Kids Dentist Houston for checkups so that he/she can detect the causative agent.

  •   Dental Emergencies

Kids are also susceptible to dental emergencies. They may be playing roughhousing or sports with their siblings, and an accident happens. This accident can lead to the complete knocking-out of their permanent teeth.

  •   Pediatric Gum disease or gingivitis

Some parents are misguided, thinking that it is only adults who suffer from gum disease. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all.

Kids rarely grow straight teeth. Because of this factor, they usually need orthodontic intervention.

  •   Too much Thumb Sucking

The majority of the kids today suck their thumbs or the pacifier to soothe their anxiety. But prolonged such things can disturb the child’s teeth development.

  •   Dental Phobias and Anxiety

It is not a surprise that most children suffer from anxiety or dental phobia since most adults do the same. As a result, visiting a dentist can be quite challenging for them.

Best Kid-Friendly Dentist Near Me

Every parent is always trying to get the best things for their kids, even down to their oral health. If you are searching for the best Kids Dentist Houston, you should try Restoration Smiles since they have the state-of-the art medical facilities and experienced dentists to care for you. The only thing you need to do to ensure the maximum oral health of your child is to dial or email our dental office.


Taking care of children’s oral health comes with various complexities. Moreover, it has a lot of differences when you compare it to an adult’s teeth since a child’s teeth are still developing. At Restoration Smiles, our teams of expert dentists can ensure that the development stage of your child’s teeth goes without a hitch.

In addition, our experts work day and night to ensure that any potential dental problems are avoided. Your child’s first-time visit to the dentist should not be intimidating or scary at all. If you are looking for a professional kids dentist in houston visit us at Restoration Smiles. We offer a kid-friendly, warm, and inviting environment.

Our priority is to make sure that you and your kid feel relaxed and comfortable. Even our services include English as well as other languages to ensure that your kid’s dental visit is familiar and more pleasant. Our pediatric care includes;

  •       Preventive Care– by training your child how to maintain proper oral hygiene and healthier smile
  •       Teeth cleanings– which is vital to excellent health.
  •       Dental Frenectomies – the dental frenums sometimes cause dental difficulties, especially in children.
  •       Restoration Smiles conducts frenectomies to restore your child’s oral health.

For more information regarding kid’s dentists in Houston, contact Restoration Smiles today.

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