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In order to get an ideal root canal treatment near me, you need to understand the myths and facts about the procedure. Root canal treatment is used as substitute for extraction and it is an endodontic process. Majority of us don’t like to visit the dentist but when dental problems arise, these visits become inevitable. There are many treatment options available based on the situation of the impaired tooth. Root canal treatment is the first restorative choice before other options are considered.

A lot of patients tremble when they hear root canal treatment near me because there are some myths associated with it. They tend to believe that the process is painful and having their teeth extracted may be the better option. They also believe that it is more expensive and involves a slower process than extraction. Shall we now try to demystify this issue?

The root canal procedure is the elimination of the infected part of the dental pulp tissue. This tissue comprises connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves. In addition, the canal is then cleaned, filled and made airtight. Thereafter, a dental crown is placed over the tooth so that it will be protected and restored to complete activity. Here are the common myths about root canal treatment near me and the real truths about them.


Myth 1: Root canal treatment is very painful.


Fact: The truth of the matter is that root canal treatment around me is not as painful as you think. Due to improvement in endodontics and the use of efficacious anesthetics, the process is barely painful. The major goal of the process is to get rid of the pulp that has been infected. If the treatment is not carried out in good time, the infection may become severe. Once the infectious pulp is removed, the pain you were feeling before would be reduced but you may still experience mild pain because of the after effect of the anesthetics.

In addition, you will experience mild pain because the inflamed tissues are undergoing a healing process. If the infection was severe before your treatment, your teeth may feel sensitive. However, issues of discomfort can be fixed with the use of OTC painkillers as well as prescribed medications. It is very important for you to stay away from chewing with the treated area until the time that the crown is fixed.


Myth 2: Tooth extraction is a better alternative to root canal procedure.


Fact: If the root canal treatment near me is properly carried out, the restoration can be very long-lasting. The repaired tooth has the ability to last for years or a lifetime. This process is preferred over extraction because it gives the dentist the opportunity to save a tooth. When the pulp has been eliminated and the root canal made air tight, you won’t feel any sensitivity or pain to hot or cold food because the nerves in the pulp tissues cause the sensitivity and pain.


Myth 3: Root canal treatment requires many visits to the dental clinic.


Fact: A lot of people believe that tooth extraction is faster than root canal treatment and does not require many visits to the dentist. This is far from the truth. If you decide to go for extraction, you may still require a dental implant so that the neighbouring teeth will be prevented from shifting. When an implant is placed after extraction, you will need to visit the clinic many times for follow-up treatments. In the case of root canal treatment, you will only need to visit the clinic about three times depending on the situation of your tooth.


Myth 4: Root canal treatment is not required for a dead tooth.


Fact: A tooth becomes dead as soon as the supply of blood to the tooth root’s nerve is disconnected and this can be caused by tooth decay or trauma. Dead teeth need to be salvaged so that they don’t spread bacteria to the surrounding bone and the root canal treatment has been successfully used to achieve this.


Myth 5: Root canal treatment is not very effective.


Fact: Root canal procedure has a success rate of about 95% but the experience and competency of the dentist will go a long way to determine the success rate of any procedure. It is very important to clean and seal the canal properly so that the result will be successful.


What Should One Expect After the Root Canal Treatment?


After some days of the treatment, you may experience tooth sensitivity due to the inflammation of the natural tissue. Particularly if you were feeling pain before the treatment or there was an infection. The discomfort and sensitivity are usually controlled by OTC as well as prescribed pain relievers. And you should be able to resume your normal daily activities the following day.


Complications of a Root Canal Treatment


There is the possibility of new infections after the procedure despite proper execution by your dentist. This may be caused if too many canals than expected were met and one of them was left unclean. It may also be caused by an obscure crack in a tooth’s root. If the inner sealing material break down over time, bacteria may re-contaminate the intrinsic part of the tooth.

At times, re-treatment may succeed. And at other times, an endodontic surgery is inevitable so that a tooth will be saved. The endodontic surgery that is very common is known as apicoectomy (root-end resection). The surgery is used for relieving the inflammation of the bony area of the tooth’s end. Which does not subside after an endodontic treatment. It involves the opening of the gum tissue in order to get rid of the infected tissue. And the tooth’s end may be removed at times.




Root canal treatment near me can be prevented by observing good dental hygiene. Since the tooth and pulp become inflamed or infected through decay. It is very important to maintain an exceptional oral hygiene. Regular dental visits are also very essential. And if you are a sport person, you should wear a mouth guard to prevent trauma from injury.

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