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Your teeth can be permanently lost due to many reasons such as accidents as well as dental problems and this can negatively affect your look. Missing teeth can also affect the way you speak, thereby leading to loss of self confidence. In addition, loss of molars can make chewing a nightmare for you and this can be very discomforting. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are many treatment options for tooth replacement Houston TX and some of them are discussed below.


Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge


Tooth-supported fixed bridge is a method for tooth replacement Houston TX and it is usually used for replacing deliberately damaged healthy teeth. The next healthy teeth to the one that is missing are scraped before a bridge is implanted over the teeth in order to uphold the crown. However, the natural bone remaining beneath the bridge has the capability of deteriorating with time since nothing is stimulating it.


Removable Partial Dentures


Partial denture is another method of tooth replacement Houston TX and it is very much like complete dentures but there can be issues with its stability and comfort. Partial dentures have the ability to influence your speech as well as what you can consume. As with other non-implant methods, the bone beneath the tooth can degenerate, which can disfigure your face with time.


Resin-Bonded Bridge


Resin-bonded bridge, also known as Maryland-bonded bridge, is another means of tooth replacement Houston TX and consists of wings which are produced from porcelain or metal that is fixed on a bridge before being bonded to the existent teeth. It is much better than partial dentures but not as long-lasting as dental implants. The bone under the bridge can also deteriorate causing your smile and face to be adversely affected.


Complete Dentures


Complete denture is a low cost option of tooth replacement Houston TX but its cost of replacement can add up very quickly. Dentures can sometimes be annoying because they can click anytime you laugh, eat, cough or speak. They can also affect your taste of food which can make your mouth to be unpleasant. They also have the potential of deteriorating the underneath bone because they don’t stimulate it.


Dental Implants


Dental implants are more stable and enduring than other options and they are the standard used for judging other replacement methods. In addition, they stimulate the remaining, beneath bone in order to prevent bone loss. Their cost can be on the higher side but they are more long-lasting and can even last for a lifetime, if properly maintained.


Types of Implants and Techniques


Dental implants are available in various types, heights and dimensions. But it is important for you to see your dentist so that the best option can be worked out for you. There are two major types of implants – endosteal and subperiosteal.




Endosteal is usually made of titanium and fixed in the jawbone. It looks like little screws. And is the most used implant by dentists producing great results that has been boosting smiles.




Subperiosteal is usually fixed beneath your gum and on the jawbone. It is an ideal option for those without jawbones that are healthy. And who do not or cannot withstand bone augmentation for the purpose of rebuilding it.


Rebuilding Jawbone


If you have a jawbone that does not have the capability of supporting dental implants. There are techniques available for rebuilding bone and restoring jawline. So that a good foundation will be laid with regard to implant-supported teeth. Some of these techniques include bone augmentation, sinus lift and ridge expansion.


Bone Augmentation


This is the process of restoration and regeneration of jawbone when it doesn’t have the capacity to support your implant. The use of bone additives as well as growth factors for the fortification of bones has proven to be effective in accomplishing an unparalleled result.


Sinus Lift


Sinus lift, a.k.a. sinus elevation or augmentation, is the process of building up bones underneath the sinus. When the natural bone is degenerated because of upper rear teeth that is missing.


Ridge Expansion


If dental implants cannot be supported by your narrow jaw, ridge expansion may be an ideal thing for you. It involves the addition of bone graft to a little ridge produced on top of the jaw.


3D Imaging and Treatment Planning


Modern 3D imaging as well as planning software have enhanced implant procedures, making them faster and exceptionally calculable. These tools can be used by your dentist to examine your jaw. So that the best place to fix the implants will be discovered. This particular approach helps in saving money, time and boosting recovery period.


Alternative Dental Implant Techniques


Based on your jawbone health and particular need. Certain alternative treatments may be suggested by your dentist to add to your traditional implant procedure. Some of these options include mini dental implant, immediate load implant, All-on-4 and so on.


How do I care for my dental implants?


If you take care of your implant properly, there is every possibility for it to last for a lifetime. The normal way you care for your teeth is the same way to care for your implant. Regular brushing, flossing and dental visits are very vital in this regard.


The Costs Involved With Replacing Missing Teeth


Out of all the tooth replacement options, dental implant is the most expensive and that is because it involves surgery. The good thing about implant is that it is more enduring than others. The size of dentures will affect their cost and can also be costly, very close to implants.


On A Final Note


Treatment options for tooth replacement Houston TX will ensure that your smile receives a boost. You should schedule a consultation with a restorative dentist. So that you will be able to get the best dental service. Your bad smile can change to good one. But you need to ensure that your replacement is properly handled by a competent expert. So that it will not be difficult to get a perfect result.

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