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There are many oral problems affecting children. Some of them include tooth decay, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, lip sucking and so on. Although, baby teeth will pave way for permanent teeth at the end of the day, it is essential to keep the teeth of your baby healthy so that his overall health will be enhanced (children dentist near me).


Baby Bottle Tooth Decay


This is brought about when the teeth of your kid is in constant touch with sugars coming out of drinks like milk, fruit juices, formula and so on. When a breastfed baby falls asleep with milk that is not swallowed in his mouth, he may be exposed to tooth decay. Bacteria present in the mouth take advantage of sugars and feed on them in order to cause tooth decay.

If tooth decay is not treated, it can lead to pain as well as difficulty in chewing and eating. In addition, baby teeth help in guiding permanent teeth into their appropriate position. Hence, if baby teeth are damaged, the result can be crooked or crowded permanent teeth. If baby teeth are badly decayed, it can bring about abscessed tooth which has the capability of spreading infection to other parts of the body (children dentist near me).


How Do I Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?


In order to comfort or calm your baby during the day, you should avoid giving him bottle filled with sugary stuffs. You can give him water or better still, a pacifier. The pacifier should not be dipped in sugar or honey.

In addition, your kid should not be put to bed carrying a bottle filled with drinks containing sugar in his mouth. Water or pacifier is better and you should avoid too much water because it can be harmful to your kid. You should avoid adding sugar to his food.

After every feeding, you should make use of a white cloth or gauze for the purpose of wiping his teeth and gums. This will go a long way in helping to get rid of sugar and plaque that may have developed around the gums and teeth.

You can speak with your dentist about the fluoride needs of your baby. If you can’t lay your hands on fluoridated drinking water, you may be asked to use fluoride treatments or supplements. On your baby’s first birthday, you would start teaching him how to drink from the cup so that his teeth will be less exposed to sugars (children dentist near me).


Thumb Sucking


Thumb sucking is healthy and normal for kids and it gives them emotional security as well as comfort. However, if this continues after  he is 5 years of age, when permanent teeth start to erupt, it can lead too serious dental problems.

Based on the repetitiveness, duration and the intensity of the sucking, your baby’s teeth can be misaligned making them to stick out and produce an overbite. This can also lead to problems when pronouncing words. Moreover, the lower and upper jaws can misalign while the malformation of the mouth’s roof is imminent (children dentist near me).


Tips to Help Your Child Stop Thumb Sucking


It is very essential for you to note that thumb sucking is not abnormal. Hence, you should not be worried except the permanent teeth have started coming out. Kids need to be determined on their own to cease thumb sucking before this habit can stop. You can offer positive reinforcement and encouragement in order to help your child quit thumb sucking.

Since thumb sucking is a security means, you cannot use negative reinforcement. Like punishment, nagging or scolding, to stop it. It will make your child to be resistive. And compel him back to the practice.

Alternatively, you can give rewards or praise for the time your child stays away from the habit. You can increase the time required to get the reward bit by bit. So that a better outcome will be achieved. The finger or thumb can be covered with a band-aid for kids who are prepared to stop sucking.

Older kids can be helped to stop the habit by determining the actual cause. If you are able to find the cause, try to fix it. And you will discover that your child will stop thumb sucking. If this does not work, you can see your dentist and a dental device may be fixed on the upper part of the teeth which will make thumb sucking more difficult and less enjoyable (children dentist near me).


Tongue Thrusting


Tongue thrusting involves making the mouth airtight for swallowing through the pushing hard of the tip of the tongue in opposition to the lips. It puts pressure on the front teeth, just as we have with thumb sucking. This can lead to misalignment and creation of overbite and interference in appropriate speech development.

You may need to see a speech pathologist if you discover any signs of tongue thrusting. A treatment plan will be formulated for you. Which will help the kid to have enhanced chewing muscles and form a fresh swallowing pattern.


Lip Sucking


Lip sucking is a constant holding of the lower lip under the top front teeth. It can be carried out alone or in conjunction with thumb sucking. This habit has the capacity of leading to overbite. Which is the same problem common with tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. You can use the same steps you mentioned above to stop thumb sucking for lip sucking.


Early Tooth Loss


Premature tooth loss can be caused by inadequate jaw space, tooth decay and injury. If tooth loss is experienced before permanent teeth erupt, there is every possibility that the nearby teeth may shift or tip. This can lead to misaligned or crooked teeth. Which can interfere with appropriate chewing as well as other dental problems.

Early tooth loss can be fixed by your dentist through the recommendation of a space maintainer. The space maintainer will hold the open space left behind by the lost tooth. And when the permanent teeth start to come out, the space maintainer will be removed (children dentist near me).

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