Porcelain crowns Houston

As today’s world becomes more advanced, you don’t need to continue living with stained, missing or damaged teeth which can adversely affect your self esteem. Porcelain crowns Houston are capable of fixing issues with tooth structure. So that your facial appearance can be enhanced.

Porcelain crowns Houston are usually naturally colored. And fixed on decayed or damaged tooth. They are fixed on the surface of a damaged tooth with the aid of a dental cement. So that the underlying tooth can be strong. They are also known as all-ceramic restorations. And the demand for them is on the rise because of their bio-compatibility, durability, strength and other properties.

Porcelain crowns Houston are free of metals. Hence, they are ideal for people that are allergic to metal crowns. They are perfect for those suffering from bruxism, a condition characterized by grinding and clenching of teeth. They can also be used to treat destroyed teeth due to decay, acute enamel erosion and severe agonizing dental injuries.


Types of Porcelain Crowns


There are different types of porcelain crowns Houston. The perfect one for your condition will be determined by your cosmetic dentist Dr. The popular ones are discussed below.




A lot of dentists practicing cosmetic dentistry believe that Feldspathic porcelain is the most beautiful of all porcelain dental crowns. It is more costly to produce in the lab. And its placement is technically sensitive. It has one layer with no base coping.




Empress crowns come with wonderful transparency which makes them to look beautiful on your teeth. They have two layers – a base coping and apparent glass layer. They possess modest strength. Hence, cannot be used for high risk conditions.




Zirconium crowns come with a two-layer system. They are usually used for implant abutments and preceding bridges. They have the limitation of being bonded. Hence, they cannot be used as overlays. The high murkiness as well as unnatural whiteness of their base coping often leads to more reduction of tooth. So that enough room will be created for them.


E Max


E Max is known for strength and durability. It has a superior light transmission. And is produced from lithium disilicate ceramic, which is a material of high quality. It is perfect for single-tooth restoration or absolute smile makeovers.




Procera is produced using aluminium oxide as base coping. And well-known for its extraordinary strength. It is produced with CAD technology. And provides an ideal aesthetic result. The base coping is opaque. That is why the tooth requires vigorous preparation in order to get the best results.


Advantages of Porcelain Crowns


There are many advantages of porcelain crowns Houston. And one of them is that they look more natural than other restorative methods in cosmetic dentistry. They are also perfect for anterior teeth. Which have been debilitated by trauma or decay. Your facial as well as smile aesthetics are enhanced. While the functions, structure and strength of your teeth are restored.

In addition, porcelain crowns offer great protection for the remnant of your teeth when properly cemented. They enable a dental implant to work perfectly with the rest of the teeth that are healthy. And can help in holding a denture or bridge securely in place. They help in maintaining a balanced bite. Since your upper and lower teeth will be meeting properly. Dark line problem that is usually associated with metal-fused dental crowns is never experienced.

The use of cutting-edge processing technology like CAD/CAM has led to the achievement of more favorable results. Also, the evolution of reinforced porcelain materials as well as adhesives has led to more successful procedures. Compared to other dental restorative methods.


Disadvantages of Porcelain Crowns


The greatest disadvantage of porcelain crowns is that they do not possess the capacity of withstanding enormous biting forces. In addition, they are not as durable as other restorative methods. And more disposed to breaking or cracking. They don’t support constant chewing and biting. Hence, they are usually used for front teeth. And not for premolars and molars. Their placement requires advanced bonding technique. Which may not be known to every dentist. Above all, they are very costly.


Cost of Porcelain Crowns


Porcelain crowns are more expensive than other restorative options. This is due to the fact the material used in making them is of high quality. It takes time to produce them. And require an expert dentist to get them fixed. Usually, the number of teeth replaced will determine the final cost.

Based on the quality of the dentist, ceramist and dental office, the price of one porcelain crown can be between $600 and $3000. It is very important to note that a dentist that charges you $3000 may not be making more money than the one that charges you $600. This is because there are many factors that are put together before arriving at the final cost. The costs of the material will be considered, facilities to be used, ceramist that will be engaged, other professionals that will assist in executing the procedure.

There is no insurance cover for porcelain crowns. Because it is a cosmetic procedure. However, if it the procedure is carried out to fix a dental problem. You may be eligible for an insurance cover. You can speak with your dentist or insurer. So that you will know the level of coverage you will enjoy. On the other hand, you can negotiate for a flexible payment plan if you are not covered by insurance. Your dentist should be able to create a flexible plan for you.


The Bottomline


Getting the best porcelain crowns Houston will enhance your smile as well as self confidence. However, if you want to get your desired result. You should be careful with the dentist you engage to handle the procedure. You need to do your homework properly. So that you will get a good crown that will be strong, durable, more fitting and natural-looking. As a result of this, you need to schedule an appointment with an experienced, competent dentist that is based in Houston.

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