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Dentistry in recent times gives us a wider range of options than was attainable before. This helps in the restoration and maintenance of optimal health level. Improvements are being made to buttress the strength of materials used in tooth crowns and also to enhance their beauty. These improvements continue to be made but, the practitioner of the process can make the whole difference and that depends on his or her skills. Dr. Mai places a focus on making use of the best techniques for complete care, and in the process can restore even the most damaged mouths back to total health.

Major damages can occur in the teeth sometimes. These damages may be due to heavy bite forces, cavities, trauma, or normal functioning even. A root canal therapy is needed to salvage a nerve that has been affected terribly due to gum disease. A lot of these situations can end up exposing the teeth to the danger of tooth loss if proper treatment is overlooked. The role of dental crowns Tomball, also known as tooth caps, is to enable these damaged or missing teeth to be restored and then coated with materials that perfectly emulate nature. The fact is that these synthetic teeth are hard to distinguish from natural teeth and they are excellently stable and provide the much-needed comfort. Porcelain crowns Houston are the most natural looking.

Crowns have a number of uses, they can be employed to restore a single tooth, multiple teeth (this includes the entirety of the mouth), or together with dental implants, they can be used to fill a space. Whenever a tooth or a number of teeth are missing, there is always the possibility of restoration using a dental bridge or an implant.

The Simple Process

The moment your case is planned, you need just two appointments with your dental surgeon for your tooth to become restored. During your first visit, a mild preparation of the teeth is carried out. This preparation allows a creation of space so that porcelain can then be crafted over the tooth. Dr. Mai will furnish you with all the needed information so you can locate a special lab that is needed to craft your tooth. A temporary crown that would carry out all functions would be given to you before your permanent crown becomes available. This is usually within a period of 2 -3 weeks at most.

After the customized crowns have been crafted by the lab technician, you would be invited for another appointment with your dentist. Evaluation of the crown appearance and the fitting would be carried out by Dr. Mai after which the process of bonding will then take place. Some small adjustments would be made to your bite when necessary and then finally, the last polish. Your artificial porcelain crown which serves as your natural looking brand new tooth would be ready for use.

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