Stay on Budget with an Affordable Dentist in Houston

Many people procrastinate when it comes to medical care because of the high cost. It is often difficult to fit a doctor’s visit or tests into the monthly budget. A simple visit to the dentist, for example, may lead to more extensive work on your teeth. Preventative care appointments can save you money over time. When your teeth and gums remain healthy, you can avoid things like fillings and root canals. Some dentists offer discounts to both new and long-term patients. Insurance and self-pay discounts can also help. Follow this advice to find an affordable solution to dental care in Houston.

Find an Affordable Dentist in Houston

It helps to start looking for a dentist a few weeks before you need an appointment. This way you have time to research properly. An internet search is the most popular way to find an affordable dentist in Houston. Traditional phone calls and consultations can give you good results, as well. Websites may not list pricing for all procedures because the work done on each patient is unique. Insurance plans may not cover everything, so it is best to find a good value. 

  • Research average pricing for a necessary procedure
  • Find out how much your insurance covers
  • Ask about payment plans and discounts
  • Call several offices to find out details

Don’t Miss Work: Visit a Dentist Open on a Saturday in Houston

Sometimes the expense of a dentist visit becomes larger due to missed work. It might be necessary to take off the entire day for an invasive procedure. Recovery and follow-up visits also contribute to loss of pay. Look for a dentist that offers appointments on Saturdays or after office-hours during the week. 

Save Money with Routine Visits to a Dentist in Houston, TX

Preventive dental services are pertinent to saving money. Teeth cleanings, x-rays, and exams happen during routine checkups. Some insurance companies cover these completely to lessen the chance of paying for expensive things like root canals or extractions. Routine visits should take place twice a year. This gives your dentist a chance to catch problems early so they do not become painful or difficult to remedy. You are less likely to acquire cavities when you care for yourself properly. Restoration Smiles has professionals ready to help you start routine care.

  • Teeth cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Exam to check for cavities
  • Deep cleaning
  • Education for home care

Your Insurance Plan and a Dental Clinic in Houston

It is imperative to check with your insurance provider before you choose a dentist. Many dental websites also list accepted insurance providers. Restoration Smiles accepts a variety of dental care plans to help you afford dental work. Look over your insurance documents to better understand your copay or other fees you must pay out of pocket. Many providers offer a variety of plans. If you feel you do not have sufficient coverage, talk to your insurance representative about other options. Sometimes a simple phone call can lead to big savings. 

Discounts with a Dental Office Houston, TX

An affordable dentist in Houston may have a good reputation for offering discounts or payment plans. Most offices have automatic discounts for self-pay patients. If you do not have insurance, you must call or visit the dental office to find out about self-pay options. Some dentists offer a first visit free for new patients, as well. Check for specials at dental offices in your area. Many advertise on paper mailers, as well as on the internet. It is possible to find an affordable dentist in Houston no insurance. 

Discuss Financing with a Houston Dentist

Once you finish with your primary exam, extra work may be necessary. If you need repair work at a follow-up visit, the dentist provides you with a printout of the expected charges. Things like root canals can easily exceed $1,000. If your predicted bill is out of your budget, discuss financing choices with the office. There is down payment and they split the rest up into manageable payments. This ensures that you get the care you need right away. 

  • Meet for an exam or consultation
  • Talk to the office financial representative
  • Explain your budget

Less Travel Expenses with a Dentist in Houston Near Me

If your dentist is far from your home or office, you waste money on travel expenses. You can use a lot of gas sitting in traffic on your way to a dental clinic in Houston, TX. Chances are, there is a good affordable dentist in Houston close to you. There are also many dental offices located in suburbs around Houston. Restoration Smiles works with families out in Tomball. Stop wasting money on gasoline or Uber rides and visit our convenient location. 

Options at your Dental Office in Houston

You have options when you go to any medical appointment. Find out what your insurance covers or learn about self-pay options. Once you get to the office, you can ask about various parts of the exam and request only a basic treatment. Keep the visit affordable by using a dentist covered by your insurance. If you do not have insurance, look discounts or financing options. Let the dental office know about your budget before you make an appointment. They can help you make healthy choices. 

Self-Pay at a  Dental Clinic in Houston 

With insurance rates rising, self-pay is a common occurrence. Most medical offices handle this by offering special self-pay rates. It is important to understand the items your dentist includes in a dental exam and what you must pay extra for, however. Usually the financial team takes a percentage off  of your entire bill. If you see an advertisement, clarify what services the coupon price covers before you commit to an appointment. When you must self-pay, you can save money by being knowledgeable about different charges and necessary procedures. 

  • Find out what to expect with a basic exam charge
  • Inquire about extra charges
  • Compare prices at different dentist offices
  • State that you are self-pay when you make the appointment, so the office knows what to expect or offer 
  • Ask about advertised specials and discounts


If my tooth filling keeps falling out, what should I do? 

Fillings fall out from time to time. If your filling is a few years old, this is not unusual. They simply pull away from the tooth with years of chewing and saliva. New decay can also be a culprit. See your dentist immediately to investigate the reason for failed fillings. Keep the area as clean as possible until you get to the dentist. After you get a new filling, avoid sticky candy and extremely hard foods. 

What qualities should I look for in a Family Dentist?

Look for a dentist that experience with all age groups. Children do best when there are some special accommodations. Make sure the atmosphere is kid friendly. Look for a kid’s area in the waiting room, for example. Call ahead to make sure they offer proper sedatives for children’s procedures, as well. The office may have several dentists in it with one that specializes in pediatric dentistry, as well.

What are the signs of gum disease?

Gum disease comes with several symptoms that may be very mild at first. As gum disease progresses, you may notice bleeding soreness. Advanced gum disease presents with receding gums that may require grafts. Get help in the early stages for the best chance at recovery.

How is a chipped tooth repaired?

A chip on your tooth can happen if you grind your teeth or suffer an injury. The dentist may use filling material to repair back teeth. Most people are more self-conscious about their front teeth, so professionals use resin that matches your tooth. They use a process called bonding, with adhesive to attach the resin. The dentist shapes it to look like part of your tooth.

What do I do if an I lose my permanent tooth?

Sometimes you lose an adult tooth. You may have it removed after severe decay or have an athletic accident. If you lose a tooth by accident, rinse with saline or water. Try to place it back in your mouth. Cover it with a sterile gauze and hold it still while someone takes you to the emergency dentist. If you are in too much pain to do this or the injury is severe, please the tooth in a clean glass with milk or saline.


You can find affordable dental care if you take time to learn about different practices in your area. New offices may offer discounts to bring in more clients, for example. Check with your insurance company to make sure you have a plan with good savings. If you do not have insurance, inquire about self-pay discounts and financing. Many dentists offer financial plans to help you get the care you need. Contact Restoration Smiles to make an affordable dental care plan for the whole family.


Many people avoid the dentist due to the expense. There are many ways, however, that dentists help patients with the expense. If you do not have dental insurance, you can still find an affordable dentist in Houston. Dental services are necessary to help you stay healthy. It is worth the effort to research self-pay discounts, new customer discounts, and financial plans. Check websites and call around to find a good affordable dentist in Houston. There are more options than you think. Dentists that are new to town may offer a free exam to bring in more clients. You can also save money by visiting the dentist on the weekend so you don’t miss work. An affordable dentist in Houston close to home can also save you money on transportation. Don’t give up on proper dental care because of a tight budget. 

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