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Teeth extraction Houston is one of the most terrifying dental procedures to patients. Tooth extraction is usually the last resort after every other restorative efforts may have failed or if it is highly inevitable. It involves the elimination of the tooth from its jawbone socket.


Reasons for Extraction


There are many conditions that may necessitate teeth extraction Houston and your dentist will need to properly examine you in order to determine if extraction remains the best solution to your problem. Some of the conditions may include serious tooth damage, non-functioning or mal-positioned teeth, organ transplant, extra teeth and so on.


Commonly Extracted Teeth


Wisdom teeth are the most commonly removed teeth and it is usually recommended that a wisdom tooth is extracted before it becomes completely developed. If tooth removal is not carried out for wisdom teeth in good time, it can lead to impacted teeth which can cause infection, bite interference, gum disease, decay of nearby teeth, among others. In addition, some permanent teeth, like the canines, can be extracted to make way for an orthodontic procedure.


The Two Types of Extraction


There are two major types of teeth extraction Houston – simple and surgical extractions.


Simple Extraction


This is usually carried out by the general dentist with the aid of a local anesthetic. It is usually carried out on teeth that are unconcealed in the mouth.


Surgical Extraction


This is used for removing teeth that are concealed in the mouth and is usually carried out by an oral surgeon or general dentist. It involves a surgical procedure and can be carried out with a local anesthetic or conscious sedation or both. However, dentists may administer general anesthesia for young children as well as patients having certain medical conditions.


Preparing for Your Surgery


Before the actual teeth extraction Houston, your dentist will examine you properly. He will also analyze your medical as well as dental histories. If you have any infection or weak immune system, your dentist may give you antibiotics before and after your treatment. If you are taking any food supplement, herbal drug or medication. You should not hesitate to inform your dental practitioner so that it would be put into consideration. Your dentist may sedate you during the procedure and possible options include laughing gas, IV and oral sedation. You should get somebody to drive you back home if your dentist administer IV or oral sedation on you. However, with a laughing gas, you can drive home by yourself.


What to Expect During Treatment


The first step in the actual teeth extraction Houston is the administration of anesthesia to the tooth that needs an extraction. This will alleviate any discomfort that may be associated with the procedure. Your dentist will then make use of simple or surgical extraction technique to remove the tooth in question.


Modern Extraction


Advancement in technology has taken its toll on tooth removal. Dental lasers as well as electrosurgery are modern ways of extraction which have helped in making the procedure more uncomplicated. Benefits of these new techniques include better precision, quicker healing period, reduced bleeding as well as discomfort and so on. However, they can be very expensive and you may perceive the odor of burning flesh when the procedure is going on.




Bleeding, swelling as well as discomfort are normal after the procedure and your dentist will do everything possible to manage these issues. Your dentist may give you a piece of wire gauze to bite on in order to assist in blood clot. Ice packs or cold compresses are very effective for reducing swelling. Your doctor may advise you to sleep facing upward so that pressure on your jaw will relieve. You may also receive prescription of some medications in order to prevent or reduce any discomfort that you may encounter after the procedure.

Furthermore, you should not rinse your mouth after 24 hours of the extraction and you should take soft foods within this period. It is advisable to chew with teeth that are not near the extraction site and you can gently rinse the site with warm salt water for five days after meals as well as before going to bed at night.


Things to Avoid After Treatment


You should avoid smoking after the extraction process. And you should also avoid drinking with a straw for about three days after the procedure. It is also very important to stay away from alcohol, carbonated soft drinks, hot liquids, crunchy foods, etc., for about three days. You should also avoid brushing of gums during this period.


Possible Complications


Some of the complications that may relate to tooth extraction include accidental damage to the nearby teeth. Imperfect extraction, misaligned teeth, fractured jaw, infection and so on. Others include nerve injury, negative appearance if the front tooth is removed, dry socket, among others. A competent dentist will ensure that the process witnesses less complications as much as possible and that is why you need to be extra cautious when choosing a dentist.


Healing Time


Tooth extraction healing process can take about seven days. And the gum area should be able to fully heal up within four weeks. However, in a situation whereby the jaw has damaged, patients can achieve full healing after about six months.




Cost of tooth removal varies depending on the difficulty of the tooth removal procedure. Simple extraction usually costs between $100 and $250. While you can surgically remove a permanent teeth for between $180 and $400. Extracting a baby tooth through simple extraction usually costs between $90 and $150. You can get up to 80% insurance cover if it is certain that the process is medically necessary one. And not a cosmetic treatment. You should speak with your insurer or dentist in this regard. So that they will guide you on the best approach to use.


Final Word


Teeth extraction Houston can be the solution to your dental problem in Houston TX if your dentist recommends it. However, it is very important to carry out an ideal search in order to get the best oral surgeon.

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