Are you looking for a way to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth? Orthodontic treatment is the most suitable way to straighten your teeth and make a huge difference for the smile that you always desired. There are several orthodontic treatment options that you can choose from.

The most common option is the metal bracket, otherwise known as braces. Financially, the metal bracket is the most affordable teeth straightening treatment. Though it is perceived as the fastest way to straighten your teeth, it may end up taking longer than you plan. There are also other affordable teeth straightening treatment options that offer a faster way to straighten your crooked teeth.


Who Is Eligible?


If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, an uneven bite, unnecessary spaces and gaps between teeth, crossbite, irregular teeth, an open bite, an overbite, etc., you need an orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth. You are likely eligible for any orthodontic treatment if you have healthy bone structure and all your permanent teeth present.

Your dentist or orthodontist will be able to determine your eligibility for orthodontic treatments. Your dentist evaluates your dental condition to see whether you are a good candidate for orthodontics. The evaluation process involves an examination of your general dental health, your facial and oral functions, and taking photographs or impressions of your face and the mouth. Your dentist may also take dental impressions and X-rays of your mouth to assess your bite and to prepare models for the teeth.

Are you looking for the perfect smile you’ve always desired, but uncomfortable with wearing a chain track as an adult? We can help!

As previously mentioned, if you’re an adult with a malocclusion or teeth misalignment, the traditional metal braces are very effective and affordable in aligning your crooked teeth and correcting your overbites, malocclusion, and underbites. However, most adults are less comfortable with how traditional braces look on them – some claim it brings them back to their middle school years.

Fortunately, there are other faster options to straighten your teeth without using metal brackets. These options are equally affordable and available to both adults and teens alike. At Restoration Smiles, we have well-trained dental professionals with a wealth of experience in orthodontic treatments and straightening of misaligned teeth.

Are you an adult looking to maintain your professional image? Are you wondering how you can get your crooked or misaligned teeth to straighten faster without using traditional brackets? Our orthodontists will help you to determine the best brace alternative based on your dental condition.

Here are other faster ways to straighten your teeth without braces:

  • Veneers: Veneers are acrylic structures fitted with special dental bond over the treated Veneers are commonly placed on the front teeth. Ultimately, veneers do not correct teeth misalignment, gaps in-between teeth, irregular and uneven teeth, but conceal them. Veneers are used when braces are not a suitable option.
  • Invisalign: This patented orthodontic device uses clear, translucent thermoplastic trays to straighten teeth. This device goes almost unnoticeable on your teeth. Invisalign is a customized and removable aligner that works discreetly and quickly in straightening your teeth.
  • Six Month Smiles: Six Month Smiles is a patented device for orthodontic treatment. It is very similar to traditional braces but uses a more translucent bracket and tooth-colored wire train track. Just like its name, Six Month Smiles aligns and straightens your teeth within 6 months. Six Month Smiles is commonly used for the front teeth, which are known as the “Social Six.”

Though veneers may improve one’s esthetic smile, they don’t actually correct the crowding, spacing or malocclusion; they only conceal them. Six Month Smiles works only on your front teeth. This is why Invisalign remains an excellent option for patients who want the fastest way to straighten their teeth without having to wear metal wires and brackets during their teeth straightening processes.


Why Is Invisalign Different?


Invisalign offers an easy and faster way to straighten your teeth without metal brackets. Invisalign uses a series of translucent plastic trays to methodically align your teeth. This orthodontic device is tailored for your dental condition. It is comfortable and for maximum results, you will need to wear Invisalign for about 20 to 22 hours daily. However, you may remove it for eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. You will visit your dentist every few weeks to switch to the next set of aligners, which will gently move your teeth into the correct position.

Invisalign treatment takes just a few months. Depending on your dental situation, the treatment can last from between 6 to 24 months. Generally, the average treatment period for Invisalign is one year. It’s important to wear retainers at night after the Invisalign treatment in order to avoid teeth from shifting again and help you maintain your new beautiful smile .

Visit Restoration Smiles today to get your free Invisalign consultation.

If you don’t mind getting traditional braces, it happens to be the most effective teeth-straightening method, despite its less flattering appearance. You can also accelerate the treatment process by using “accelerated orthodontics.”

These processes aim at achieving traditional orthodontic treatment within a shorter period of time. Accelerated orthodontics is a very effective option for adults with demanding schedules because it produces results within fewer months.

Accelerated orthodontics is performed in several ways:

  • The AcceleDent Method: In this method, a hands-free device with an activator is worn by the patient for about 20 minutes daily. The device fits perfectly around the traditional braces already fitted to the teeth. Using a gentle pulsing technology, the device speeds up the movement and readjustment of your teeth in accordance with the position of your braces.
  • The Propel Alveocentesis Method: This method stimulates the jawbone around the teeth to increase its cytokine activity. The process makes the movement and readjustment of the bone faster and easier. This method also has the added benefit of targeting a specific tooth/teeth as needed.
  • Another “accelerating orthodontics” method is surgically removing the tooth tissue between the teeth in order to provide space for easier tooth movement.

These methods offer faster options to straighten your teeth and bare consideration. For more information or assistance taking the next step towards your orthodontic treatment, please consult us at Restoration Smiles today.

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