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Periodontics is a branch of dentistry which involves preventing, diagnosing and fixing issue related to tissues supporting your teeth. A dentist specializing in this field of dentistry in Houston TX is known as a Houston TX periodontist. A periodontist is also capable of fixing dental implants as well as carrying out periodontal plastic surgery.

Periodontal diseases are infections caused by bacteria and they usually affect the jawbone, gums as well as periodontal ligament. Periodontal ligament is the fiber structure supporting the teeth so that they can stay in place in your jaw. The disease has the capability of destroying your gums and jawbone supporting your teeth. This will eventually lead to loosening and falling out of your teeth which makes removal and replacement inevitable.

Periodontal plastic surgery can be a viable option in order to protect exposed surfaces of the tooth root, fix jawbone and gum indentations or repair and reshape the tissue of the gum. Dental implants are used as artificial tooth root which will support the restorative solution that will be created by your Houston TX periodontist.


Causes of Periodontal Disease


Bacteria plaque (a gummy, colorless film forming on your teeth) is the major cause of periodontal diseases. If you do not treat it on time, especially if the cause is poor dental hygiene, the bacteria will affect the gum and destroy the tissues supporting your teeth as well as the underlying bone. This will lead to the separation of the teeth from gums, thereby creating pockets that breed more plaque and causing more infection. Other causes of unhealthy gums are discussed below.


Plaque Traps


Decayed, crooked or crowded teeth can be a trap for the buildup of plaque. Which can make the removal difficult through regular oral hygiene techniques. A Houston TX periodontist will be in the best position to assist you.


Negative Behaviors and/or Practices


You can adversely affect your periodontal health with poor oral hygiene, smoking, oral piercing, drug and alcohol abuse, just to mention a few. In addition, a lifestyle that is too stressful as well as deficient nutritional habits can reduce the ability of your body to fight infections. This will leave you to be more exposed to gum disease.


Systemic Factors


If you are suffering from leukemia or diabetes, you may be more vulnerable to gum disease. In addition, if you are using some drugs or with systemic conditions like malnutrition, immunosuppression or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, you may be at a higher risk of contracting periodontal disease because your body’s resistance level would have been reduced.


Hormonal Factors


Hormonal fluctuations is common among women, particularly during puberty, pregnancy as well as menopause. This  hormonal change can give rise to tissue changes in the body and this does not leave out the mouth. At this periods, a woman will be more exposed to contracting periodontal disease.


Genetic Influences


Family history as well as genes can be an indication of susceptibility to gum disease.


Tobacco Use


The use of tobacco has the capacity of promoting calculus formation on your teeth, abysmal gum/teeth pockets and bone loss. The tar and nicotine in tobacco are notorious for reducing the healing process and the possibility of success after you have gone through a periodontal treatment. Tobacco users are also at a higher risk of contracting oral cancer.




Some drugs, such as antidepressants, oral contraceptives, heart medicines, etc.,  can affect your gums negatively. As a result of this, you should let your Houston TX periodontist know the medications you are presently using so that an ideal treatment plan will be prepared for you.


Who Treats Periodontal Diseases?


Regular checkups with your dentist is very vital so that your oral health status can be ascertained in order to detect and manage periodontal disease. Gum disease is usually detected by general dentists and they can treat it when at early stages. However, when the condition has reached an advanced stage, you will be referred to a Houston TX periodontist. It is important to note that you can see a periodontist directly without referral from a general dentist if there is a need for you to do so.


Types of Periodontal Diseases


Periodontal diseases come in many forms and some of them are here below.




Gingivitis is the inflammatory of the gums encircling your teeth and it is the mildest among gum diseases. You may not feel much pain at this phase but if you don’t treat it on time, it can lead to periodontitis.




Periodontitis comes in various forms and they are here below.


Chronic Periodontitis


Chronic periodontitis is the commonest form of the disease. And it is characterized by inflammation of the teeth’s supporting tissues which can lead to bone loss. Doctors usually diagnose it with the aid of X-rays and affects adults over 35. But can affect anybody no matter the age.


Aggresive Periodontitis


Aggressive periodontitis is not very common. And usually occurs among people who are clinically healthy. Aggressive periodontitis comes in two forms – localized and generalized aggressive periodontitis. Patients usually experience localized form during puberty. While the generalized form can be present among people below 30 years of age.


Periodontitis Caused By Systemic Diseases


Patients usually experience this at an early age. It accompanies systemic conditions like diabetes, respiratory problems and heart disease.


Necrotizing Periodontal Disease


This is an infection typified by the annihilation of cells that can found in the gingival tissues, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. It is commonly present among people with systemic conditions like immunosuppression, HIV infection and malnutrition. It can lead to ulcer of the gums. Smoking, stress as well as deficient oral hygiene can be contributors to this menace. Please feel free to speak with your Houston TX periodontist so that an ideal treatment plan will be worked out for you.


Bottom Line


You should give your dental care utmost priority. Regular checkup with your Houston TX periodontist will go a long way in assisting you in this regard. Early detection will be a big plus so that your doctor can fix the problem before degenerating. Hence, you should schedule an appointment with one of the renowned board-certified periodontists in Houston TX today.

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