Porcelain crowns near me

In order to boost the appearance or capacity of your teeth, there are three treatment options available to you – bonding, veneers and dental crowns. If your desire is to boost the appearance of your teeth and at same time improve their capacity, dental crowns may be the best bet for you. Dental crowns are used to replace missing or badly shaped teeth and they come in tooth-shaped caps which makes it easier to place them over the teeth. Porcelain crowns near me are very popular dental crowns because it is easy to shape and color them so that they can look like your natural teeth.

Porcelain crowns near me are produced in the dental laboratory and fixed to the teeth in front of your mouth. As soon as they are properly placed, they will be hardened with the aid of a distinctive curing light so that your teeth can be fully restored. Apart from being used to replace the exterior part of the teeth, just like bonding and veneers, they are also effective for boosting the function and strength of your teeth. In order to determine the best crown for you, it is very essential to arrange a consultation with your dentist so that an ideal treatment plan will be worked out for you.


Why Porcelain Crowns


Porcelain crowns near me are usually recommended to redeem the function of your teeth and boost their aesthetic appearance. In addition, your dentist may recommend porcelain crowns if tooth decay has damaged your teeth. They are also useful for creating a natural look and hide chronic enamel erosion. When an accident or trauma has led to an irreparable damage to your teeth, porcelain crowns may be recommended. They are also recommended when the teeth have been badly damaged due to clenching and grinding.


The Care of Porcelain Crowns


It is not very difficult to maintain porcelain crowns near me. You can take care of them as you do for your natural teeth. This include brushing, flossing and regular cleaning at the dentist’s office. Proper care of your crown will enable it to last longer and give you the best result.


Types Of Porcelain Crowns


Porcelain crowns near me usually come in different types and the type that will be used for you is dependent on your condition as well as expectations. Some of them are discussed below.


E Max


E Max is a strong cosmetic porcelain with an exceptional light transmission so that a high aesthetic solution can be delivered. It is the ceramic system option for front teeth and has an enduring quality just like your natural enamel. It is usually used for the purpose of fabrication of single-tooth reconstruction and completion of smile make-overs.




Empress is a beautiful restorative ceramic crown with the features of your natural teeth. It has two layers – a base coping produced with pressed ceramic of medium strength and an apparent glass layer which can be easily customized.




A lot of dentists believe that Feldspathic is the most charming porcelain. It is a monolithic ceramic with one layer without a base coping. To work with Feldspathic, a technician should be highly skilled because it is not easy to work with. It is costly to create in the lab and mostly used by dentists of high end.




Procera has two layers and produced with a base coping of aluminum oxide with the aid CAD technology. It is also composed of a feldspathic layer which makes it to look natural and attractive. Since the coping is obscure, there is the need for the teeth to be aggressively prepared so that adequate veneer thickness can be allowed to conceal the beaming white coping. In order to get the best result, Procera is better prepared by an expert ceramist.




Zirconium is much like Procera in design, having two layers, and can be found as crowns, caps or onlays. It is usually used for implant abutments and anterior bridges. It is not ideal for veneers because it has restricted capacity for bonding. The high obscurity of Zirconium as well as the whiteness of the base coping that is not natural can give rise to additional tooth reduction so that it can be covered with a bulkier porcelain layer.


Factors Considered Before A Crown Material Is Chosen For You   


Some of the factors that will be considered before a crown material is chosen to fix your issue include aesthetics, strength, wearing against other teeth, dexterity of the dentist and so on. One type of porcelain crown may not be suitable for all conditions. And a lot of cosmetic dentists make use of specific types for specific conditions. For instance, Feldspathic is best used when there is a need to avoid gumline dark lines.


Cost of Porcelain Crowns


Costs of porcelain crowns vary and they are affected by your condition, materials used, expertise of the technician that will produce them, time of production and so on. Usually, you should expect something between $600 and $3000 for one porcelain crown. This does not mean that the dentist charging $3000 is making more money. But the factors that contribute to the cost can be numerous.

In addition, the levels of quality of ceramic crowns are diversified excessively. Usually, a perfect crown will be strong, look natural, durable, fit better, have a good bite, among others. A good crown will foster healthier gum tissues and avert tooth decay. It is very essential for you to know that the level of complicatedness of your condition will go a long way in determining your cost implications. You can speak with your insurer to know if your dental insurance covers porcelain crowns.


Final Word


In order to get the best porcelain crowns near me, you need to do your homework properly. It is very essential for you to get a dentist that will carry out the best dental work for you. Usually, you need someone with enough experience in dental practice so that your desired result can be achieved.

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