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The external cover of your teeth is known as enamel and it is one of the most hardy entities in your body. It has its limits and that is why your teeth can chip if exposed to severe erosion or  an excessive blow. This can lead to a craggy tooth surface which can adversely affect your appearance, hence, the need for a dental service near me.

Causes Of Chipped Teeth

Common causes of chipped teeth include chewing hard substances such as hard candy or ice, car accident, teeth grinding when sleeping, engaging in contact sport without using a mouthguard, among others (dental service near me).


Risk Factors For Chipped Teeth

It is widely believed that weakened teeth are more exposed to chipping the strong ones. Your teeth can be weakened by tooth decay as well as cavities that wears off your enamel while large fillings can also weaken your teeth. Teeth grinding has the capability of wearing down your enamel and the consumption of acidic foods, like coffee, fruit juices and spicy foods, have the capability of breaking down your enamel thereby exposing your teeth.

Some digestive conditions, such as heartburn and acid reflux, can cause stomach acid to flow back into your mouth and this is dangerous to the enamel. Excessive consumption of alcohol and eating disorders can lead to frequent vomiting which has the capacity of producing acid that can wear off your enamel.

Bacteria can also be produced in your mouth through the consumption of too much sugar and these bacteria can chop down your enamel. As you grow older your enamel also wears down. Hence, if you are above 50 years of age, you are more exposed to a weakened enamel. In fact, a research published in the Journal of Endodontics revealed that about two-thirds of those with chipped teeth are 50 years or above (dental service near me).


Which Teeth Are At Risk?

If your teeth are weakened, they are at risk. However, it has been revealed that the second lower molar and teeth with large fillings are more exposed to chipping. This is because the second lower molar is more exposed to pressure when you are chewing (dental service near me).


Symptoms Of A Chipped Tooth

Minor chipping of teeth that are not located in the front of your mouth may not give you any sign. However, some of the symptoms that can be experienced include gum irritation close to the chipped tooth, pain when biting, feeling a craggy surface when running your tongue on your teeth, just to mention a few (dental service near me).


Diagnosing A Chipped Tooth

Through visible analysis of your mouth, your dentist will be able to diagnose a chipped tooth. Symptoms may also be taken into account and you will be asked about events that resulted into the chipping.

Chipped Tooth Treatment Options

Treating a chipped tooth is generally dependent on its symptoms, severity and location. If it is not causing serious pain and does not interfere with sleeping and eating, it is definitely not a medical emergency. However, it is very essential for you to book an appointment with your dentist in good time. So that you will be able to avoid infection as well as further tooth damage.

Typically, a mild chip can be fixed by tooth smoothening and polishing but for severe cases, your dentist may come up with the following recommendations.

Tooth reattachment

If the fragment of the broken teeth is available, you should put it in a glass filled with milk. So that it will be kept moist. If you cannot lay your hands on milk, you can put it in your gum, ensuring that you do not swallow it. You should then see you dentist instantly. And the broken fragment may be cemented back to your tooth.


Bonding involves the use of porcelain or composite resin material. Which is cemented to your tooth surface and shaped in order to fit it. The cemented material will then be hardened and dried with ultraviolet lights. More shaping is carried out after drying. So that the material can fit your tooth perfectly. Bending has the capacity of lasting for 10 years.

Porcelain veneer

Before the application of a porcelain veneer, your enamel will be smoothened in order to make way for the veneer. The impression of your tooth will be taken and sent to the laboratory where the veneer will be prepared. As soon as the veneer is ready, it will be attached to your tooth by your dentist. Usually, porcelain veneers have the capability of lasting for about thirty years.

Dental onlays

A dental onlay may be suggested by your dentist if a portion of your tooth is chipped. In most cases, the onlay will be placed on the surface of your molars. There may be need for the application of anesthesia. So that proper work will be done by your dentist in order to prepare a suitable foundation for the onlay.

In many instances, an impression of your tooth will be taken. Which will be sent to the lab for the production of the onlay. As soon as the onlay is ready. It will be attached to your tooth with the aid of a dental cement.

Due to advancement in technology, the onlay can be instantly produced in the office of the dentist and fixed on the same day. You can use dental onlays for decades. But this is dependent on your ability reduce the chewing pressure on the onlay.

Self-care for a chipped tooth

Before getting to your dentist’s office, you can place a tea bag or sugar-free gum on the craggy edge. So that your gums and tongue will be protected. You can also use an anti-inflammatory painkiller like ibuprofen if you are experiencing any pain.


Chipped teeth can be easily fixed with various dental procedures if you make use of an ideal dental service near me in good time. If you are able to be treated quickly. There is every possibility that a lot of future dental problems will be prevented.

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