oral cancer screening houston

Oral cancer screening Houston is an analysis carried out by a Houston dentist to check for symptoms of cancer or conditions that can lead to cancer. The major objective of the screening is to discover mouth cancer well ahead of time, when the likelihood of a cure is high. Your dentist will carry out the analysis during your usual dental visits and if you don’t have a scheduled dental commitment, it is better to get committed now before it is too late. Supplementary tests may be carried out to discover areas having anomalistic cells so that your oral health can receive a boost.

There has been no agreement among medical organizations whether folks without mouth cancer risk factors are eligible for oral cancer screening Houston. Even though the screening cannot be said to be 100% perfect in preventing oral cancer, early detection can go a long way in combating the menace. Your dentist may prescribe special tests for you in accordance with your risk factors.


Why It Is Done


The major aim of oral cancer screening Houston is to discover precancerous lesions at an early stage before developing into full-blown cancer. This is because the removal of these lesions is very easy at this initial stage and screening for those with a high risk of suffering from oral cancer will be very advantageous.

Some of the factors that can aggravate the risk of developing oral cancer include tobacco use, heavy consumption of alcohol, excessive exposure to sunlight which can lead to lip cancer, prior diagnosis with oral cancer, just to mention a few. You can ask your doctor if oral cancer screening Houston is ideal for you. It is also very essential to ask about what you can do to lessen the risk of developing it and this include avoiding alcohol as well as quitting smoking.




In most cases, oral cancer screening Houston may lead to extra tests. In order to ascertain the condition of the mouth. However, there may be sores in your mouth. And it may not be possible to determine whether these cells are cancerous or not.

In addition, if unusual sores are found in your mouth. It may necessitate being subjected to additional examination. So that the real cause can be ascertained because not all sores are cancerous. The abnormal cells need to be examined and tested for cancer through a process known as biopsy. So that it can be established that they are cancerous.

It is very important for you to note that every mouth cancer cannot be detected through oral cancer screening. Some cancer cells may go undetected since it may be hard to discover all the abnormal cells. In a situation like this, there may be need to go for other forms of screening.

Furthermore, there has not been proofs that the screening saves lives but early detection may lessen the number of deaths recorded through the scourge. Cure can be more likely when cancers are found early.


How To Prepare


There is no special preparation required before going for an oral cancer screening. It is usually carried out in the course of your regular dental checkups.


What You Should Expect


During the screening, your dentist will check your mouth for red/white patches or sores. And the tissues of your mouth will be properly examined. To determine if there are lumps or any other flaw in your mouth. You will be required to remove your complete or partial dentures. In order to carry out the examination of the tissue beneath them.


Additional Tests For Oral Cancer Screening


Some special tests can be carried out, in addition to oral screening. To further boost the chance of getting a perfect diagnosis. Some of the special tests that your dentist may carry out include washing off your mouth. With a specific blue dye before proper examination will take place. In addition, your dentist may shine a special light in your mouth in the course of the examination. The function of the light is to give healthy tissues the opportunity to appear dark. While abnormal tissues will appear white.




If you are diagnosed with oral cancer, your dentist will recommend treatment options for you. He/she may schedule a visit for you in a few weeks to monitor the progress of abnormality. It will be properly examined to discover if it has become larger or changed in form.

Furthermore, a biopsy procedure will be carried out. And it involves the removal of a cross section of the suspected cells. Which will be taken to the laboratory. The sample will be properly tested in the laboratory to find out if cancer cells are present or not. The biopsy may be carried out by your dentist. He/she may refer you to a specialist in oral cancer examination and treatment.


Getting The Right Dentist For Your Screening


In order to get the best result from your screening. It is very important for you to use a dentist who has well experience in carrying out the procedure. A board-certified dentist is preferable. So that the procedure will be carried out in a safe environment under the supervision of a competent professional. Getting it right with your screening will enable detection of any flaw early enough. So that proper treatment can be carried out before the condition deteriorates.




It is very essential for you to go for regular dental checkup, including oral cancer screening Houston. So that it will be easy for you to detect potential cancerous cells as early as possible. Early detection will go a long way in curtailing the spread of the cells. And helping your dentist to work out a treatment plan for you. Cancer is a terminal disease and if it is exposed early. There is every possibility that a cure can be worked out. In addition, you should not forget to stick to your routine dental hygiene. Which is very vital for a robust oral health at all times.

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