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Crooked teeth can be very embarrassing especially when you try to smile, hence, most people in this condition try to cover their mouth if it is inevitable for them to smile. If beautiful smiles are not achievable for you because of your crooked teeth, you really need to see a Tomball orthodontist. Apart from boosting your smile, an orthodontic procedure can fix some health issues.

The major work of a Tomball orthodontist is to assist you in straightening your teeth and improving your bite through the correction of your jaws’ line-up as well as teeth fitting. Some of the appliances used in this practice include aligners, braces, headgears, retainers, just to mention a few. A lot of general dentists can handle mild orthodontic cases but when they are complicated, general dentists usually refer patients to orthodontists.

Crooked teeth (or crowded ones), underbites and overbites have the ability of leading to serious health issues such as tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease and so on. Crowded teeth can be very hard to clean while bad bite can lead to talking and chewing problems. As a result of this, you really need to see a Tomball orthodontist.

It is recommended that children should see a Tomball orthodontist when they are about seven years of age since the jaw is just developing at this stage and it will be very easy to detect any problem. Preventive medicine is the way to go now because it is cheaper than therapeutic. Treatments can be customized for you based on your condition as well as expectations and treatments can take up to a year or more.


Choosing an Orthodontist


Getting the right Tomball orthodontist for straightening your teeth may not be an easy task considering the fact that there are many practitioners around. However, if you follow the best practice while making your decision, it will go a long way in helping you to get the best. Since we now live in an information-driven world, you can do a little bit of fact finding, especially online, to discover the perfect orthodontist that will efficiently handle your case.

Consultation is a very vital aspect of the whole procedure. There are free as well cheap consultations available with many orthodontists and it usually lasts for about one hour in most cases. It involves the examination of your medical history, taking of photographs, conducting various tests including X-rays, among others. The limit to your mouth wideness, number of protruding teeth and severity of the crowdness will also be measured. During your consultation, you should be able to get the cost of the treatment, duration and expected results. What you will pay varies from one place to another and you can negotiate for a flexible payment plan. You can be covered by insurance but it is very important to remember that only part of the cost will be written off by the insurance company.


7 Things To Look For In An Orthodontist


Now that you are set to engage an orthodontist, what are the 7 things you should look out for which will indicate that you have found an ideal practitioner. Read on.


#1. Do They Specialize in Orthodontics?


General dentists can carry out mild orthodontic practice. But when it comes to the real deal in orthodontics, a specialist in the field is your best option. Due to the additional residency training of orthodontists in the field, they have better preparation and equipment to handle such cases, no matter their complexities.


#2. Do They Provide a Free Exam?


This is very vital because you will need to meet your doctor before starting your treatment. Hence, you need to know if the initial consultation will be free or you will need to pay a little fee. Free consultations are good but you need to be careful that there are no hidden charges.


#3. Do They Have a Good Reputation?


Reputation builds a business and if you can’t find good testimonies of past patients about a practice, perhaps you have not found the right one. Past and current patients should be happy with the practice and this will give you the assurance that you can trust them.


#4. Do They Take Adult Patients?


Some practices focus on younger ones which makes it necessary for you to know whether your prospective orthodontist attend to adults. You need this confirmation. So that you will not waste your valuable time and it will be easier for you to plan.


#5. Do They Offer Different Types of Treatment?


There are many options in orthodontic treatment and it is very important for you to see an expert with advanced flexibility. It is advisable to avoid those with one or two options as this can limit the rate of success of your treatment. Some of the options available in today’s world include the traditional braces, lingual braces, fun-shape braces, Invisalign, invisible ceramic braces and so on.


#6. Do They Have an Office and Staff That Make you Feel Comfortable?


Going for an orthodontic treatment can be a very difficult decision to make. Hence, it is very essential to find a place that will make you comfortable. A dental visit is no longer like a visit to the lion’s den as it used to be in the past. Technology has improved everything. The office setting should be appealing and the staff should be charming. The reception should be clean with entertaining gadgets that will make you feel like you are in a club, afterall, life is fun. Once you fall in love with the office setting. You may be on your way to getting the best treatment.


#7. Do They Have Multiple Payment Options and Discounts?


Even though you have fallen in love with the office of a Tomball orthodontist, if you cannot afford their service, the show cannot continue. You need to find out the payment options available as well as the acceptance of dental insurance plans. You should also find out if it is possible to pay through monthly installments.

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