Dental crowns Tomball

Dental crowns Tomball have the capacity of protecting damaged or weak teeth for several years. They are produced in the dental laboratory after the impression of your tooth is taken and they look like your natural teeth. They are made from different materials including porcelain, ceramic, metal alloy, stainless steel, just to mention a few.

Dental crowns Tomball are needed for many reasons. They may be needed when there is a need to prevent the breakage of weak teeth. Also, they are used to provide support for teeth with large fillings when the natural structure is inadequate. When there is a need to keep a dental bridge in place or boost its appearance, a dental crown may be needed. Dental crowns are also used as the final step of dental implant and root canal procedures. They are also used to fix a lot of cosmetic problems while children with weak primary teeth or exposed tooth decay can benefit from temporary stainless steel crowns.


Dental Crown Procedure


If you want to get dental crowns Tomball, you will probably make two trips to the office of your dentist. The first visit will be used to examine your teeth and get them prepared for the procedure. This period will be used to carry out all the necessary tests, including X-rays. So that the health status of your teeth will be ascertained. If there is any sign of unhealthy status such as infection or decay. The problem will need to be fixed before the treatment can go ahead.

As soon as the road is clear for dental crowns Tomball to be fixed, the area to be treated will be numbed. Thereafter, the tooth to be replaced will be filed along chewing side and surface. If a tooth decay is apparent, the tooth area may be filled so that the crown can fall in place. You will then be given a temporary crown while you wait for the permanent crown to be produced in the lab. The impression of your tooth would have been taken.

The second visit will be used to remove the temporary crowns while the color and fitness of the permanent crown will be tested. As soon as it is confirmed that all is well, your dentist will then fix the new crown with the aid of dental cement. The use of anesthesia is usually not necessary for this step, but may be necessary in some cases.


Dental Crown Pain


You may feel some pain after your dental crowns Tomball are fixed and even after the treatment site has healed up. There are many causes of dental crown pain including tooth misalignment, nerve damage, bacteria build up, just to mention a few. If you discover that the pain you are feeling after your crowns are fixed is severe and persistent, you should make it a point of duty to get in touch with your dentist.


How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?


The material used to produce a crown goes a long way in determining its cost. The percentage that will be covered by insurance as well as your dentist’s charge will also determine the final cost implication. Usually, a crown costs between $500 and $3,000 but it is very important to see your dentist for details.


Dental Crown Care


Your dental crown should be treated as your natural teeth so that your oral health will not be jeopardized. Regular brushing and flossing should be maintained so that bacteria build up will be prevented. In addition, you should avoid excessively chewy and sticky foods because they can make your crown to loose. Hard foods should also be avoided because they can fracture your crown. Keeping your mouth healthy at all times will help in making your crown to last for a long time and prevent infection.


How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?


The longevity of your crown is determined by many factors. The expertise and knowledge of the dentist will definitely affect the longevity of your crown. In addition, your aftercare, material used for the crown and your overall health will also determine the durability of your crown.


Dental Crown Problems


There are some problems associated with dental crowns and some of them are discussed below.




You may experience sensitivity after the procedure just as the anesthesia becomes inactive. It is one of the most common problems after the placement of a crown. If your nerve is not damaged, you may be sensitive to coldness or hotness. A toothpaste that can fix the sensitivity may be prescribed for you. If you are feeling any pain whenever you bite down, you should not hesitate to see your dentist.


Chipped Crown


A crown can chip off at times and if the chip is small, your dentist can get it fixed with resin without necessarily taking off the crown. On the other hand, if the chip is very severe, a new crown may be recommended for you.


Loose Crown


At times, a well-cemented crown may become loose through the washing away of the cement. When it becomes loosened, bacteria can be trapped there which can lead to tooth decay. Your crown should be steady as your natural tooth and if this is not so, try to see your dentist so that the condition can be fixed.


Displaced Crown


A crown may fall out but this is very rare. This can be caused by untreated underlying diseases, tooth decay or loose crown. If your crown falls off, you should see your dentist immediately for a quick fix.


Allergic Reaction


You may be allergic to certain material used for producing a crown. For example, if you are allergic to metal, you may not be able to use metallic crown.


Final Word


Dental crowns Tomball are one of the perfect solutions for tooth restoration. Whether you are considering root canal or dental implants, there is every possibility that the procedures will be incomplete without a crown. The success of the procedure is largely dependent on the dentist that handles it, hence, you should look for a competent professional.

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