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In times past, when people lose a tooth, there used to be very few options for replacement of the lost tooth. Although, permanent teeth is supposed to serve for a lifetime, sometimes though the case is different. Teeth can become lost through different ways such as, through gum disease, cavities or accidents. Missing just one tooth can actually cause distortions in complex function of chewing which is the primary step in the process of food digestion, because the teeth starts as a complete set. When a tooth is lost, the teeth will slowly begin to lean and migrate into the extra spaces which will result in wear and also cracking because of the excess forces may create escalating problems.

It would have been great if the teeth was like the other parts of our body and could repair themselves and heal naturally but quite unfortunately, for the teeth it’s a different case entirely. The teeth is not like a broken bone that will heal naturally eventually. Instead, a professional will need to be consulted so that the appearance and function of your teeth can be fully restored even though you have lost a tooth as an adult.

Just in case you feel like it doesn’t matter or not whether you decide to replace your missing teeth, you need to hold that thought. There are different ways that missing teeth can affect you, here are a few of them:

-You may not be able to feed healthy just because you have lost the ability to chew on certain foods properly.

-A missing tooth is often a source of embarrassment for a lot of people so as a result, they might begin to avoid social interaction and this may in the long run lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

-The resulting pain may seem to never end and you will only be able to chew comfortably with just one side of your mouth.

-Shifting loose-fitting dentures might make you to be worried on a constant basis.

-You surely have lost some bone mass, other teeth, or you are at a risk of losing other teeth.

When you have a couple of teeth missing or you wear dentures which are just sitting on top of your gum line, you won’t be able to use your jawbone to its maximum potential. Because of this, your bone and gums can begin to deteriorate and this can result to multiple reactions which triggers other critical oral health issues.

Tooth Replacement Options

Today we have a number of ways in which lost or missing teeth can be restored due to advancements in technology. Some of these methods of tooth replacement are discussed below:

Dental Implants

Dental implants that can fuse with the jawbone and in turn encourage healthy bone growth can be placed into your jaw as advanced technology has made it possible. After fixation, the implant is then covered with a crown which has a natural appearance and which will restore the full functionality of your natural teeth as well. As it can give you a very strong bite force reminiscent to that of natural teeth.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Since dentures rest on your gums, no matter the sort of adhesives used, you will not get the security that is needed for you to be without certain limitations. You can’t be rest assured because you may be worry about embarrassing situations that can occur at any time probably when eating, laughing, and speaking in the midst of others. Dentures also require replacements and refitting over the years as well.

However, when your dentures are supported by implants, you can be confident that your new set of aesthetically pleasing teeth will be firmly anchored by the implants. This will give you the liberty to be free and carry on your normal activities without feeling self conscious.

Non-Implant Option for Replacment of Single Tooth

The use of a tooth-supported fixed-bridge is a popular alternative to single tooth replacement with dental-implants. However, when compared to dental implants it will be noticed that it has some down sides. For example, the placement of a tooth-supported bridge will involve slight damage through grinding away of the healthy adjacent tooth that it will be attached to so as to provide support for the bridge. The natural bone that is located underneath a tooth-supported bridge may deteriorate and get worse over time thereby effecting noticeable changes in the appearance of your face and smile since it is not as stimulated as it would have been under a dental implant.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures on its own however do not require any grinding away of the adjacent teeth but then they do not provide the sort of comfort that dental implants provide and they are likely to affect speech and eating as well. This method of tooth replacement might come at a cheaper price but it does not tend to look as natural or serve as well as an implant-supported dental crown. Removable partial dentures can affect speech and eating as well, and in really embarrassing ways. It is also important to note that the bone that is underneath a removable partial denture can as well deteriorate over time thereby ultimately changing your smile and facial appearance.

The seemingly best method of tooth replacement is the use of dental implants as it restores the full functionality of the tooth while restoring the natural aesthetics of the tooth as well. When compared with other methods of tooth replacements, the disadvantages are quite minimal or even totally insignificant.

You can also, always talk with your dentist so that you can get any more information that you may need and also to know which one might suit your case best in relation to your finances and other factors. You will no doubt be able to get the best care.

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