Wisdom teeth, otherwise known as the third molars, are those that develop fully between the ages of 17 to 25.  Since the teeth are the last ones that erupt into the mouth, they are called wisdom teeth.

Many people can fully live their lives and never have the experience of wisdom teeth. Their wisdom teeth usually erupt, just like all the other teeth without issues or complications. But those that do will need the help of a Top Dentist In Houston. Most especially; since their wisdom teeth have problems and complications during its eruption. Their best option to have normal teeth in their mouth is to locate the uptown dental or best dentist in Houston.

The reason for people getting wisdom tooth maybe because there wasn’t ample space for the teeth inside the mouth to erupt normally or the growth was partial. If your wisdom tooth is impacted, you will likely feel severe pains and toothaches, storage of food particles at the back of your wisdom tooth, gum disease, and tooth decay. You may also get dangerous cysts at your wisdom tooth surrounding or misalignment problems.

All these complications are due to an impacted wisdom tooth and require the attention of the Top Dentist In Houston. 

What is the Best Dentist Office In Houston?

If you are residing in Houston, one of the best dentist office to go is Restoration Smiles your uptown dental. Here is the perfect place to meet the Top Dentist in Houston who can provide you with the appropriate dental care.

Restoration Smiles comes with many advantages over other dentists in Houston tx. For example;

  1.     Excellent reputation for outstanding service and satisfying patients
  2.     Restoration Smiles is credible. They have the important awards, accreditations, and licensing that promotes customer confidence
  3.     They are specialists in providing high-quality dental care due to their many years of education and practical experience
  4.     The top dentists here are always ready, responsive, and consistently approachable
  5.     Each patient is treated with the highest respect, and the dental care here is reliable, honest and very professional.

If you want to be a beneficiary of the best dental office Houston area has, dial Restoration Smiles helplines or log on to our official website.

 Can all Dentists Extract Wisdom Teeth? (no oral Surgeon?)

Due to the lack in the educational system of today, it is advisable for dentists who are new graduates to extract fully erupted or uncomplicated wisdom teeth only. The reason is that they haven’t got the required clinical experience necessary for complicated cases. Long ago, when the educational system is at it should be, young graduates have the necessary experience and competence to extract wisdom teeth even impacted ones.

However, these days, dentists have to spend at least one year in general dentistry practice to learn surgical skills. That is how they can competently remove wisdom teeth, even impacted ones.

To answer the question, every dentist that bears that name should be able to extract fully developed wisdom teeth. Even most dentists can remove any wisdom tooth ranging from fully impacted to fully erupted. However, since most patients have fully or partially impacted wisdom tooth, it is advisable to visit an oral surgeon for their extraction. 

Where can I Find Reliable Dentists for my Dental Treatment?

It is crucial for you and your family’s general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry to be performed by the Top Dentist In Houston. Dental care needs someone who is reliable and trustworthy. As a result, every dental patient should look for top dentists to provide the needed dental care, which is comfortable, relaxing, and feels like home.

The dentists in Houston, TX should be those who can look after you and your family’s best interests.

If you feel that the Top Dentist In Houston close to you is like your second home, you can relax and be comfortable. Even, you can easily go to the Houston dentist at any time because you feel safe and believe that they are the best dentist in Houston.

Also, you need the dentist in Houston, TX, who have the skills and expertise to provide high-quality dental care as well as those that make use of top-notch technology and equipment.

Although various dental office Houston area provide dental care, if you want a relaxing, comfortable, and homelike environment, Restoration Smiles is one of the best option. That is where to get the best dentist in Houston and to locate the Top Dentist In Houston for your dental care. You can receive care here for any kind of dental health problem even for severe teeth issues, dental implants, teeth whitening, general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. 

Is it Worth it to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

 If you go by the normal trend of things, you shouldn’t remove wisdom teeth. Most especially; since they are the last teeth to develop and take their position at the extreme end of both jaws. However, removing them most times is because they have the tendency to erupt at an abnormal angle. As a result, they displace the second molar teeth, which are lower.

Furthermore, deep pockets tend to form at the back of the wisdom teeth, which are impossible to clean, and extraction becomes the only option. Also, there may be complications later on in life due to your wisdom teeth if you decided not to extract it early on. Nobody wants to be losing sleep over a wisdom tooth when they have reached the age of 70 or above.

That is why; it is advisable to extract your wisdom teeth when you are still young. Moreover, the surgery for it is better when you are still young but traumatic and difficult when you are advanced in age. Thus; all facts point that extracting your wisdom teeth is well worth the effort. 

Dentist In Houston Near Me

Are you having problems with your wisdom teeth? The best thing you should do is drop in at Restoration Smile. That is where you can meet the Top Dentist In Houston who can remedy your problem effortlessly. You only need to call us now with our phone numbers or email our top dentists to get the best dental care available.


Wisdom teeth removal is the extraction of those 4 permanent molars, which is situated at the bottom and top back of your mouth corners. This type of teeth mostly develops when you are around the age of 17 to 25 years. Wisdom teeth are mostly extracted to give space behind your mouth, avoid painful infections, as well as most dental problems.

  Why you should remove wisdom teeth

  •       It can cause erosion cavity. That is, when your wisdom tooth reaches the surrounding molars, it may cause infection.
  •       Wisdom teeth can cause cyst, which destroys the bones as well as damage your other teeth.
  •       It can lead to teeth overcrowding. Most especially, when the wisdom tooth forces itself on the other teeth, it leads to overcrowding.
  •       An infection is likely to occur around the teeth top when the impacted wisdom teeth force through your gums.

That is why; you need to extract your wisdom tooth immediately is becomes noticeable. You only need to visit the best oral surgeon or top dentists who are qualified and experienced to solve the problem for you.

If you want to know more about wisdom tooth extraction in Houston, visit or call the top dentist in Houston at Restoration Smiles today. 

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